Get the stock version of the Xiaomi 4k Mi Box (NOT UNLOCKED) Here

Get The Stock Version Amazon Fire TV 4k Box (NOT UNLOCKED) Here

Get the UNLOCKED Fully Loaded Xiaomi Mi Box Here

Get The Unlocked and Fully Loaded Amazon Fire TV 4k Box here

A head to head comparison including differences, specs, speed, features, price, and more


  1. I was interested in the MI box until I found out there wasn't an ethernet input. My fire tv sticks stream great wirelessly and is cheaper , but nothing beats a fire tv box with ethernet. Why pay more than a sick if its only WiFi?

  2. so why cant you sideload to mi box i do it all the time… i installed crome to it then just used esfile Explorer to install whatever i want. so if you dont buy this because of sideloading its very simple to do

  3. I just added a “SD” card to my new Amazon Fire TV box and now I have a small blue icon of a SD Card on a white background surrounded by a blue circle. This icon is on the far right center side of my TV screen. Do you have an idea how I can get did of this annoying icon… Is it a setting that’s doing this?
    Thanks for any help…

  4. I bought this tv box a few days ago. The box itself works fine but I have a problem with the remote. It keeps disconnecting. Sometimes it works for an hour and suddenly stops, sometimes it works only for a couple of seconds. I tried factory reset, didn't help. I cannot reconnect the remote unless I remove the batteries and then put them back. Simply holding home+back button (without removing the batteries) doesn't help. Has anyone had the same problem? Any idea how to fix this?

  5. You can download anything from Google Play and sideload it in couple of seconds for the Mi Box. Its probably the best of any Android second only to the Shield at 30% of the cost.

  6. I have the Nvidia Shield in our living room for our main TV..going to get the mi boxes for the bedrooms.. think it will be perfect. I personally don't want anything that requires Amazon Prime to ge the benefits..seems like a waste.

  7. mi box does have 1 usb port. I connected usb expander that gives 4 ports and mi box sees them all. That allows me to connect external hard drive for storage, a mouse, a game pad and whatever I want. Love the Mi Box

  8. Xiaomi Mi TV Box have a Google play…. and Amazon doesn't have it… Without Google Play it just waste of money… And you can add USB ethernet input! Its work great!

  9. If you are going to uses Kodi the Mi box is easier to install it on. Fire TV requires a lot more effort to run. So think the Mi Box is better for Kodi and Fire TV is better for everything else.


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