A runthrough of what you get when you buy Vader Streams From Boom kodi.
Watch Every Game MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, Soccer, UFC, WWE & More.
Watch Network and premium TV from USA, Canada, and UK.
Channel List and Prices at


  1. Hey man I'm subscribed to the service already but would like to renew with you near the end of April whenever mine runs out. I literally just did it this past weekend lol. I've noticed the times on the TV catch-up are a couple of hours off, is there any way to ask about that or is there a setting to fix that? Thanks?

  2. I have Xfinity Internet and i just want to know because i have had other iptv servers where not on the day of the fight it won't buffer but when on the day of the fight and i am watching the fight it buffers will this happen which iptv server would you recommend that won't buffer I have Xfinity best Internet

  3. Can you give me a link that works, I have Gears tv as my main and want a decent back up that can be used on multiple tv's at once, I have Nitro as my backup right now but it's kinda trash and I tried set tv 3 day trial and it buffers a lot, I've heard Vaders is pretty good but don't know where to buy it


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