So here the esti booths, and what is the solution right here in hi? So for you hi? I’m Peter Bennett from Mac and Bennett. We’ve done this solution for 4k, open it’s available from Amazon and uses the STI h4 1/8 chipset a Ultra High Definition.

Decode it’s capable of 4k e 60 C has two outputs and one input. So you can record you can record, and this is what we’re doing here. We were able to capture. We can then play back a 4k screen at the same time, and then what you can do is encode the entire streams to a 1080 h.

264, so it played back 4k 16, it records 4k 30 and at the same times it records a full HD of everything. Yeah it encodes to 1080p 60 that’s right, and so is this a package right here that’s. The package you can buy from Amazon 4k open, is it called yeah, 4k open and a hamachi cast? It costs around a hundred and fifty pounds, including v80, and what’s? The spooky open is that the names of yeah it’s, the it’s the brand, so it’s.

A full website where you can download open the full open-source package for all the software and all the hardware as well. So how does it work? What’s? The open source solution? It’s, open source, the open source so as using gstreamer vol ii.

What do you use? Yes, exactly uses Linux DVB, I’ll, serve v4l to GStreamer the whole package. The whole package is this: like the 4k open source, video dream kind of that’s, exactly what it is you need to go, buy, buy and download it now so, who’s, a team who’s doing this? So the team is Mac embedded, which is where we’re for math and beta right here and we’ll.

Introduce a director of the one of the pandas and directors have Mantha vetted. So, where you be in Bristol in the UK – and why do you do this kind of video product because we enjoy doing it? We think we ‘

Ve got a lot of people who want who want to use it. So there’s. A lot of people using this now how long time has been available? Well, the chipset itself, the est chipset has been room that’s been available, look okay, open program.

We started to be launched it in October of last year and right here. People can find it and is there any chance there could be a solution that could do 4k, 60 encoding, maybe in the future that we’re at the moment we’re just targeting the 4k P, 60 decode and 1080p encode.

4K. 60, h.265 everything-everything tape, H, 2 C, 5, H, 264 BC, vp9 MPEG, 2, and also all the audios and soft. What’s, the OS? What are you run Linux? So? What kind of we have an Aquarian distribution? So you can, you know, download the usual packages, as you can see you very rarely seen in the 4k state other things we have a things like Wi-Fi and PCI Express, so the ability to where is that this, this area here PCI Express yep mini pci, express In words to add in your own card, so you could add an FPGA if you need to do some custom, so it’s.

A standard PCI Express module interface, so LTE modem, 3G modems. You can add extra video output devices. Any things you like really source – or so this is going to be well, it can be used by the hackers, but also a lot of companies doing things like digital signage, point-of-sale systems and media players.

We’ve got one recently, the because we just talked to who are doing Medical Systems and so on. So a really wide range anywhere, where high quality really high quality 4k video decode is needed.

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