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In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Peace, be upon you and God’s, mercy and blessings. I am friends, Malik Imran and you are watching ( Tech. Just 4. You ) Friend in today’s. Video. I have opened this application in front of you.

, So this application is very amazing. Its name is 5G IPTV Friends, it’s, not even a name.. Five GIPTV is really 5G IPTV. Friends. I am going to give you complete information about this application.. Where do you get it from and how do you run it Which channels are found in it and how to login to it.

? You can take the first test after the test, if you like, You can purchase IPTV One month three months, six months, one year How to take a test or where to buy an IPTV. I’m, going to tell you the whole story in this video but bfore.

This Subscribe, my youtube channel and Must press the bell icon. So you can watch this video first. So let’s start friends. Here I want to tell you something: The application and its a test code, A friend of mine lives in Saudi Arabia.

He was sent his code. He used to tell me that whoever is the channel of Afghanistan and sports. I want that application So that’s. What I sent him 5g iptv And today he has replied to me after checking, You can also listen to this kind of application So that you can get it as proof.

Hello, Sir Happy Eid, The application you sent me 5GIPTV is awesome. My friends are back on vacation, They will come after Eid. I just wanted the application you gave me Sports channels run quite well.

There is no buffering. This application is great. The problem is, I &: # 39 ll buy it. When my friends come back from vacation, You can hear the brother saying the application is very good And there’s, no buffering, they run it in the Android box and They run it inside the Android LED.

So the interface of the application is coming in front of you Before moving on to its channels. Let me tell you what features are in it In this setting. We go So inside the setting. Here we come to parental control.

You can enter your password in it Enter the password, then confirm the password. If you save it, it’s. Yours This is the password. You will enter your code Here. You can unlock your channel. Here. You can also use external player If you have MX Player or VLC Player in your mobile.

You can also use it in it. Inside you can play this. Iptv Then comes the multi-screen. It’s. Ok, you can make its multi-screen two three four standby screen, So you will have a lot of screen shows Which you can get here.

Two three four screen So from here. You can play different channels in its screen. Then let’s. Go back And you get the recording option here. You can also record and back up channels within it. It comes with our account option, Accounts can take information And it comes with notifications.

If any channel is updated or a movie is updated, you will be notified here.. Then movies and series There are a lot of movies in it And there are about a thousand more movies to be updated soon. Here you can watch movies.

After that we come here.. We are on the option of live TV Click here. So this is your first option of All Channel, So here you get a total of about 7161 channels to watch here You play with everything inside it Here all the channels work perfectly In it.

You get all the channels category wise. So here is a channel. I play and check you. I can’t, wait for you to check because we have the copyright Strike And our video is deleted. You can see without pausing without buffering channel running, Then these channels play So it gets channel play in about three or four seconds.

You can watch the channel here in full HD. Here I show its total category and how many channels it has Guys. This is a very long list And every country has Pakistan, India and Russia. Then Romania. It contains channels within a very long list.

Friends who are interested in cricket here. There are special cricket channels. For them, As you can see here, is Sky Sports. Hd are great channels play and check. Now it plays in two or three seconds: Full HD Can’t get you checked in too long.

As I told you before, we have a copyright problem.. So you can add more to it. There are great channels about cricket Ten Sports, Ten Cricket, etc. Here Channels are All Contries, There are different countries and channels of each country are found.

So you must use this application once if you enjoy it, you can buy it. Properly. – And let me tell you Where do you download this app from You – will find the link in the video description Description? You will also get WhatsApp number.

Total information can be obtained from me through WhatsApp., And you will also see my WhatsApp number on the pay screen here. You can contact, WhatsApp … Can’t call it over because this number is blocked.

Hope you enjoyed the video Please Share and Like Video …. Thank You.

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