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Here is a first look and Demo of Airtel’s Internet TV. Airtel Internet TV runs on the Android TV platform and prices start at Rs 4,999 with 3-month subscription to 500+ satellite TV channels. Airtel Internet TV can also be purchased for Rs 7999, with 1-year subscription to 500+ satellite TV channels. Existing Airtel DTH users can get the service for Rs. 3,999 with a one month subscription to channels. Airtel Internet TV will be available online exclusively from Amazon starting April 12.

Airtel Internet TV connectivity options: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, an HDMI port, two USB ports, as well as a port for a standard AV cable

The device comes with 2GB RAM and 8GB of in-built storage with support for a 128GB SDcard or a 2TB hard drive

Minimum broadband requirement of 4Mbps

Airtel broadband subscribers can get 25GB additional data/month with Airtel Internet TV

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  1. गूगल पालय नाम का है इस मैं कोई भी aaps अपनी मर्ज़ी से dawnlode नहीं कर सकते । कंपनी गलत बोल रही है।

  2. I , Harindra Singh has been using Airtel DTH since a few months , it had quite a few flaws from the first day but from the last few days it got worst. Your company made continuous calls in a single hour for me to do a Rs.220 recharge , and after i did it , there was sincerely no signal in the t.v. . Back then your company said that the recharge would be sufficient but now they are coming up with a new drama that there needs to be an extra amount given to the Engineer to fix the DTH.
    I am not at all satisfied by the kind of service your company provides. The employees really don't have a manner to talk , they regret their own words .
    I'm writing this mail in hope of getting back the compensation of my money .
    If i don't get it back within a day , then i would be sharing all the recording that i have made . I do have a video of an employee of your company telling all the ways your company is using to cheat its customers and make profit , also i have recorded all the calls from the company and i am definitely going to put them on all social media sites .I will also take the case to consumer forum if i feel so.
    While the P.M. is trying hard for making India a better country , you people are finding out different ways to cheat.
    Hope that i would be getting a response soon.

  3. Sony Bravia already has Android TV built in.So there should have been an option for omitting the set top box for the Sony tv with the dish directly connected to the bravia and accessing the airtel dth services via the app that can be installed from the play store

  4. so much "basically"
    well, it is just the beginning of the internet tv from India tv service providers. There is going to be so many options in the near future at better prices hoping for good options from Reliance JIO as well

  5. Amitabh Bachchan not found.fuck googly voice.common TV supports max 720p.2gb ram 8gb ROM worth 2000only.where is Airtel internet TV,I think you should still subscribe to Airtel movies for free.Modified a Chinese TV box and all hype.Airtel in distress even same goes to jio TV box Instead gave Jio cable,which already existed in market for a long time.enjoy.

  6. This is more expensive. Monthly net changes +airtel monthly charges. Totally cast par math 1400. More expensive. OLD HD box Godd. Don't Teken people. This bad Internet Tv

  7. I have just bought the Airtel Internet TV and downloaded Kodi Terranium TV and
    Showtime. Trust me whoever has written this article idea has no concept. Am
    watching any movie/tv show/ tv series ever made under the sun at 1080P
    resolution and dolby digital plus 7.1. All the android apps are detecting the
    Hardware Dolby Decoder. Must give it to airtel for being the first.
    I was using Tata Sky HD box but trust me the Airtel DTH is next level even the
    1080P picture is twice as sharp . Tata Sky was robbing me and charging almost
    12000 a year plus another 1800 for the cost of a normal HD Box.
    Even if JIO is free it will take them 50 years to come up to the quality of Airte


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