All streaming companies are coming out with their own iptv services.

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  1. Glad to see y'all together. Off subject, I see Pro's has a remote similar to mine. I can't get mine to sync up with my Fire Tv, but I have no problem with my laptop. Could you please help.

  2. Got a 15 day pass for SET TV APK for my android box…. I must say, its probaly one of the best I had so far… Is it going to steer me away from MachTV or Radiosity that I have on my ROKU stick? Who knows but so far, so good for Set!

  3. any thoughts on playstation vue? I did the free trial and had zero problems with buffering. The DVR is what makes me want to buy a monthly… $45 for about 40 channels in dallas is not breaking the bank.

  4. hi solo man pls u advertise for SET TV and promised that u will put a code under the video however there was no code u directed us to go to their website. anyway I went to the website registered 2 days ago I still have not received my free trail code

  5. but the only thing about that is. first I had Cable (chicago) i was paying 169. (Cable,Internet, homephone,)so I left Cable and went to Playstation vue. was great, worked fine I thought. until the superbowl was on. then I notice is was a 6 minutes delay. then once and a while the TV Show I was watching. a notice would appear on the middle of the show and on the screen would saying that I'm not authorized to view the program. so I went back to cable. and just got the basic.

  6. You guy's are so fake and miss leading so many people that follow you. Nitro tv is a peace of shit service. Charged $20 and most of your channels don't even work and on top of that you stealing channels from targets Gears TV which is probably one of best iptv services out right now!


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