This is a great APK for FREE CABLE TV

Offers tons of Arabic, French, English, Sport sections very easy to install you can download it from two places.


Follow the instructions to get the code


  1. Channel snowballing down hill. What does any of your viewers give a ? about Arabic channels much less, other than ENGLISH. If viewers wanted other they wouldn't be able to understand what your saying! Dude "APK TIME", BING BaDaBoom", are you ripping off other youtubers at this point?..

  2. Dude!!!!! another grand slam outta the park!!!! GREAT APK!! I found some channels on here that I couldnt find anywhere else!!!! Thanks for the work!!!!

  3. yes cracking apk newtech, hope it plays continous when main sporting events on. Dont know whats happened to i4 android, i donated couple of quid as had all channels i wanted in good quality but now looks like they gone, feel abit of a mug now, will never donate again.

  4. If your into footy and want English channels don't bother at this moment in time. Most not working. I'm in UK so thats probably why. Will keep the app for a while and check it out if same will uninstall. Won't be giving thumbs down because I'm very greatful for the vids and found some good APK through people like you who take the time and effort to upload and share your knowledge.


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