Kodi Pro

IPTV. TV Everywhere. What's the difference? This brief video explains the market conditions that spawned these two IP video initiatives and how they are different. It also explains the challenges that telecom service providers face in delivering a quality of experience equal to the HD...
brite-View HDelight is 1080p PC-to-TV Wireless Transmission kit. Now you can watch anything that's available on your PC, on the HDTV too! Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, TED, Vimeo... everything, anything! Why wait for Intel solution which limits you to certain laptops, or spend $500 to buy a keyboard that...
Mariner's Marc Savoie speaks about the challenges facing IPTV providers
Start your FREE IPTV station today and watch your live and on-demand videos directly on TV set. Only CastGlobe provides FREE TV broadcasting service at high quality and standards.
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Netflix Roku Box

Unboxing and set up of the Netflix Roku box. By the way, this thing works great!
WiFi Tablet IPTV service
TechnologyTech Test: Netflix Set-top PlayerTech Test: Netflix Set-top PlayerThe Associated PressRoku, a small maker of Internet-connected media devices, this week introduced a black box that grabs movies and TV shows from Netflix. (May 21)This video contains ONLY natural sound. No script is available.