Avov TVOnline N, 4K, iPTV Set-top Box – Full Unboxing and Review

The Avov TVOnline N is a 4K UHD iPTV set-top box. Avov TVOnline N is an Android based iPTV box, powered by Android 5.1. It is built for Avov’s new middleware called Nova 2. Though not perfect, it still is a good option to carry your iPTV and video on demand movies and TV shows.

The box comes loaded with some highlight apps, but most notably Netflix.
It also comes with Kodi, Crackle, YouTube, Hulu, and many more apps.

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  1. horizontal channel list is terrible, wheres the EPG. even if you had one you would have to go to each channel to see what's on. this is seriously putting me off the new series.

  2. Hi, wonder if you can help, new to IPTV…bought my box preloaded and have access to the live TV channels via TV Online under "my app"…channels are not nicely laid out and takes a lot of guess work at times…yours is right from the "live tv" section on the box and all channels are listed nicely…I assume your live tv subscription can be loaded directly there? What service do you use? the quick channel list feature doesn't work on my live tv channels….which is quite annoying as I flip channels a lot….

  3. Hy, we are starting iptvbox website, that will have information for all iptvboxes, so we would like
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  4. great video man. newbie question here, what can a IPTV box do that a latest i.e Samsung s3 tablet can't do? why should you buy a box if you have a great tablet and Chromecast.

  5. hi shawn im trying to add server on nova2 on my app its given me a message service is blocked by the provider , i add mac address on panel, when i choose nova server it just alow to save server and account its asking me prepay code, kindly let me know how i add my server on nova2 box or i have to buy a particular server for that


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