This is the best iptv addon for KODI, Ultimate IPTV which comes with a unique feature! You can now filter the results of all the lists so you can easily find the live tv channel you want to watch, with easiness on KODI / XBMC / SPMC.

The Ultimate IPTV Addon on KODI is created by Whitecream and you can find it on the TV Addons URL, the repository is called Ultimate.

Beyond any doubt, Ultimate IPTV is the best IPTV for KODI of 2017!

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  1. the channels freeze up after a few minutes…live your work but there are way better ones…Good fellas iptv is amazing almost no buffering issues also Skynet iptv is really good too….Ultimate iptv just doesn't cut it….had channels completely stop after 10 minutes after it was working great…it's works then it just stops..not good

  2. not working very well. Lots of buffering, not on my end. it's hard for us to know if these links actually work bc you're only allowed to open them up for a second. of course they're all gonna work perfectly for a second……

  3. Thanks again. I opened this, took one look at all those servers and closed it again. I didn't even see the filters. I'll have to take another look at this add-on now.

  4. Many thanks for the video but I'm afraid every channel I've tried so far (LOTS) either freezes after a short time or constantly buffers.. I'm running on a Nvidia Shield TV/SPMC is there anything I can do?

  5. Can you help i followed every step and have ultimate iptv installed im using x96 tv box with kodi 16.1 my problem is every channel i click on doesnt work im trying to get dutch tv on my kodi

  6. To all you who aren't keeping up with current events, the EC pass a new law on April 27 and started inforcing last month. As a result a lot of the add-on providers are no longer keeping their repositories up, being one of them.


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