Hey, guys so today I’m, going to show you how to download and install a new app on your amazon fire. Stick that you can use to watch free, live tv and basically have just free IPTV right on your amazon fire.


Stick the app that I’m using is working great. It’s brand new, it’s, just updated a version. Two of them I mean you can get free live tv along with free movies and tv shows as well. It’s, working very well as all the countries you’d ever want, and I’ll.

Show you how to install that right now. So what you do is just go over to settings on your fire. Stick scroll down and then to the right and over to my fire tv, then go down to developer options and then turn on ADB, debugging and turn on apps from unknown sources, and then just press the home button.

Once you do that, just go ahead and search for the app downloader. Once you do that, just click on the downloader app, then, once you click on the downloader app just go ahead and press on that download button.

You see right there. They’ll. Then download and install the downloader app on your amazon fire stick once that’s done installing in your device. You’ll see that it switches over to a play button where you can go ahead and click on open to open the button.

So we’re, going to go ahead and click on open. Then, once that app opens, you just want to click. Ok, click into that field. Where you see you can enter a URL and then just type in the following link.

It’s, going to be HTTP colon forward, slash forward, slash, get period, file linked dot com. So once you type in that, you are good to go. So just once. You type that in just press next and then that will start to download the file link for you.

So let’s, see it’ll say connecting it’s only 11 megabytes. So it should be a pretty quick download, but they’ll, go ahead and download it on your device for you, and then once that’s done downloading, you’re, going to go ahead and click on install.

When that finish is downloaded, it’ll pop up and just say, install you scroll, the bottom right-hand corner, and then you click on install. So this will then install file linked on your amazon fire stick and once it does that you’re, pretty much good to go ahead and open file linked.

So once it’s done installing just scroll down to the bottom right-hand, corner and then click on open to open up file linked and then once file linked opens up. You’ll see that there’s, an area to enter a code so go ahead and click into the area and then just type in 5, then 792-17215 on next, and then go ahead and click on continue.

Once you do that. That will open up the file link store, so go ahead and click dismiss on the pop-up and then the first app that we’re going gonna need for this. The app is IP vanish VPN, so go ahead and press the download button.

If you get another pop-up that’s, just from the makers of this app just click dismiss, but once you click on download next vanish VPN you’ll see that the bars start to go across your screen and it’ll.

Download on your device once that goes all the way across your screen and that download button changes over to a play button. We’re just going to go ahead and click on the play button in order to install IP vanish vpn on our amazon fire.

Stick. So once you press the play button, just scroll down to the bottom right-hand, corner and click on, install that’ll, then install IP vanish vpn on your device. Then, once that’s done installing you ‘

Ll see that there’s, an option at the bottom of the screen to either click on done or click on open. We’re, going to go ahead and scroll down and click on done to bring us back to the file link store to install two more applications that we ‘

Ll need to have this app running the best, so the next one that we want is mx player, so go ahead and download that – and this is basically just a video player that is better than the one that’s within the app I’m going to show you um and it’ll help all these live tv streams run a lot better and you can basically just kind of watch all this within the player rather than the built-in player.

So once that’s done downloading, just go ahead and click on the play button and then scroll down to the bottom right hand, corner and click on, install that’ll, then install MX player on your amazon fire stick and then once That’s done installing.

We just want to scroll down and click on done so now that it’s done installing I’m just going to scroll down and click on done and then one tip to scroll fast within the filing store, just press. The fast forward button um on your fire stick remote and it’ll just go down by the banners rather than having to hold down the button.

So I’m, just going to press that, so you’ll go to free movies and tv show apps, I press it again and then it bounces to free live tv, apps, and so within this banner, you can now just scroll down.

Just press the down button and you’ll see that there is HD tv ultimate version 2.0. This is the app that we’re going to want. This is a brand new app the creators just updated it. It’s. Working great ton of HD streams and also free movies and free tv shows, which is pretty awesome.

It has basically all the countries you could ever want in the world um all within one app and i think it’s, one of the best apps out there right now uh to date, but we’re gonna go ahead and Just click on the download button and then I’ll download your device and then we’ll, go ahead and install it.

So once that’s done downloading, just go ahead and press the play button, then just scroll down to the bottom right hand, corner and click on, install and then that’s, going to install HD tv ultimate version 2.

0 on your amazon fire. Stick and once that’s done installing we’re good to go with using the fireline store, so you can just go ahead and click on done and then go ahead and press the home button and I’ll show You how to get all this set up so once you press the home button just scroll down until you see your apps and channels, then just scroll all the way over to the right, and you’ll see that you’ll.

Have the apps that we just installed? Let’s, see IP vanish MX player and HD tv ultimate. So what you want to do is just first of all hover over IP vanish and then click the button on your fire stick remote.

That has the three lines on it so go ahead and click that while you’re over IP vanish, then click on move to the front. Once you do that, just scroll back over to the right. Until you see the HD tv ultimate app click.

Do the same thing click the button with the three lines on your fire: stick, remote click move to the front, and so now that you’ve done this. You’ll see that these apps are in the front when you press the home button.

So you ‘ Ll see that you now have instant access under your apps and channels to HDTV, ultimate and IP vanish VPN and before we open up HDTV ultimate. We’re, going to go ahead and open up IP vanish VPN, and the reason for this is that this is going to hide your IP address.

While using this application, it’s, going to hide it from your internet service provider and make you anonymous while online, while using your fire stick or whichever device that you’re on and basically in order to get your name and password.

You just go to this big link that you see here on the screen. I’ll pin it in the comments and put in the description they basically go to that link. You sign up for a username and password, and then you’ll get an email to your email address and then you basically click on that confirmation.

Email to activate your account and then here is where you ‘ Ll enter your username and your password, and then you just go ahead and click on login. Alright. So now that you’re logged into ipvanish, you ‘

Ll see that you see your visible location, the top left hand corner that’s, where we’re, trying to hide while using this app. So basically, just click on start ipvanish and go to startup connection action and then click on connect to fasta server make sure auto reconnect is on.

If you have netflix, go to split tunneling and then just select netflix from the list of applications. That way, when you’re using netflix, it won’t, be using the vpn. So you’ll, see all the tv shows and everything in your country and then make sure scramble is on as well.

Then just press the back button and then country make sure that you are on united states as this server works. The best for this application, and now that you’re in the united states, you’re good to go, just go ahead and click on connect.

Then click on ok, so you’ll, see now that your visible location has changed, you’ll, see a graph going across your screen. That means you’re connected, so go ahead and press the home button. Now and now we’re good to go and open up hd tv ultimate to have the best experience, so go ahead and click within that app and this will load for the first time.

The first time loading it may take up to 30 seconds. But basically it’s going to load the interface for you, where you can see all these different areas and sections that you can go within the application again.

The first load might take up to 30 seconds, but once it’s up and running and loaded um, you’re, pretty much good to go to use this um very quickly. So now that it’s, loading um. What you want to do, first, i highly recommend is just going to the top right hand corner to the gear icon and if you get an advertisement, just go ahead and close it or just press the back button and that’ll, just close out An ad you typically only have one right when you open the app and then it just doesn’t bother you anymore.

So once you close out of that, just go ahead and click into that gear, icon in the top right hand corner, and then it’ll, say settings right under it. So in this area, and you want to select mx from select a default player.

Just click on mx that way it’s, going to play all these uh different, live tv channels, movies and tv shows all within mx player. Um. That way, you can pause it and start it whenever you want so and fast forward for the movies.

So if you want to click on the live tv section, you ‘ Ll, see that there are many different countries that you can select from, but basically once it loads all the different sections. You can go ahead and select the country that you’re within in order to only see those live tv channels.

So once the section loads, you basically can select the country that you’re in in order to filter by just that country. There is a huge library of different countries that you can select. So there’s plenty of options.

I’m sure you should be able to find the country that you’re in um. But basically, since i’m in the u.s, i just click on us atv and then once you do that it ‘ Ll load every channel for the us that it has, and you basically can just scroll through the library that they have.

If you want to use the search function up here, you can also just click in there and search for the channel. You’re. Looking for, but since we set that default player to mx it’s, basically just going to play it in mx player automatically, which we want.

So it’s. Basically, just one click. You just go ahead and you click on that channel and it’ll. Take a second, but you ‘ Ll, see that sidebar load with link one and add to favorites all that, but it’ll start playing it automatically.

Once you do that, so basically it will play right in mx player, for you, i just backed out of it. But if you want to you, can click on add to favorites, and that will add it to your favorite section. I mean you can do that with all tv channels and movies as well, but that’s.

Basically, how you get all the free live tv. It’s very straightforward, very easy um. All the channels are hd and some might be slightly standard definition, but again it’s completely free, app and um.

It works very consistently and well and doesn’t won’t crash out on you. They do have a sports section, so you can watch sports all around the world. We’ll, have like nba tv and kind of all that for sports bt sports, one where you could watch ufc pay-per-view events.

If you want um within that um for next weekend and then movies um, the movie section, this is basically just a library of movies that you can watch it’s, pretty much like on-demand movies um. But you can click into this section, search for a movie that you’re.

Looking for but again it’s, a one-click type deal, so you basically just click on that movie and it’ll open up in mx player and start playing for you. Tv shows you can do tv shows as well, and this is basically has everything on netflix, which is pretty awesome.

So this is basically having netflix right on your fire. Stick for free um, but you basically just click into whichever show that you want to watch and then it ‘ Ll have an option for different seasons and then, once you click on the season, it ‘

Ll have all the different episodes. You basically just click on episode and it’ll, start playing that within mx player for you, but that’s, pretty much it. This app’s very straightforward, very easy to use very intuitive interface.

I think it’s, one of the best, if not the best iptv service out there. Just with how consistent it is with all the links and there really aren’t any that just kind of don’t work. A vast majority of these do work comparatively to all the other ipt services that are free out there, and this does have a massive library for every country you pretty much ever want, along with just a movie section, just um as well in a tv show section Which is awesome so yeah? I think this is one of the better ipt services out there, if not the best free ipt service out there right now, especially with this new update that they just made that’s, pretty much it.

If you like this content, i’ll. We’ll. Show you more apps like this, that you can download on your fire stick and how to get basically free content right on your amazon fire stick um and how to install it kind of use it and all that stuff.

So if you like, this content, give a thumbs up make sure to subscribe, and i’ll see in the next video thanks.

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