Amazing IPTV. No buffer. HD Live tv in kodi. Gears Tv is the best hands down. They have a fully working guide. Gears has been around for a solid year and they keep getting better and better.

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  1. I really want to cut the cord and do the paid iptv thing but the only thing that is stopping me is that you can not record…. I love my boxing and sometimes there are international fights that are on in the early hours of the morning… What I do at the moment is record it overnight and watch it the following day… There is never any guarantee that the fight will be on YouTube so I have to keep my sky for this reason only…. That can be for other progs too not just sport… If there is a way to record progs please let me know… I'm in the UK….

  2. Gears for me at the beginning wasn't that good but I just recently try it out again and the quality has improved greatly . So I am going to go another month and this time add the mayfair listing


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