this is the best iptv service you will find. Watch this video for an overview of Team eXpat. BEST IPTV of 2016 and 2107


  1. Been on their service for over a month, not been able to watch more than 2 minutes of any channel before it freezes and kicks me out of the channel. Support is slow and of poor quality, no useful answers to any questions, The only thing that has worked reliably is them deducting money from my account. STAY AWAY from these THIEVES!

  2. Then they will give you the Lone wolf scenario that car dealers use when they sell you a lemon, "We have 100's of users and no reported problem, which actually means " We're not listening to anyone's problems and "You're the only one with a problem"

  3. All the iptv services install as a pvr add-on, but do any of them let you actually pvr the iptv streams? Do any allow you to record a live stream to watch later?


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