Per your request, this is Episode 1 of the best paid IPTV services to help you cut the cord!! Set TV Now has the premium channels: HBO, Starz, Cinemax, and PPV. It also has the sports packages: NBA TV, NFL, MLB, ESPN. You have to check this out!!

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  1. Will I need an APK to add SET TV to my FireStick?  Fyi, Im not really sure what an APK is or how to get it.  Will be looking at these videos closely I'm giving my self 2 months to research and cut the cord.

  2. Triple M please continue to review Paid IPTV… listen man I have been using Fears TV for 3 months. I can't find one better. Check it out. I had Cadets TV for awhile but this blows it away!! Thanks for all u do bro!!

  3. Thanks Tripple M. I like Set, but I am learning that there are a lot of IPTV services to choose from so I appreciate the fact that you'll be doing these reviews.

  4. Please add the following paid IPTV services to your review list:

    *Gears TV
    *Goodfellas TV
    *Xtreme LEDTV
    *Vader Streams
    *Nitro TV
    *The Players Klub

    I'm trying to decide between the top 4 listed.

  5. Set tv is good but not for me. I need one that will let my 3 devices play in different locations. 1 for me, 1 for my daughter away in college, & one for my son also away in college. This service wants all devices to be used in same locations. When you find one that will work in different locations on different channels at same time PLEASE let me know!

  6. Please add the following paid IPTV services to your review list: *Gears TV *Goodfellas TV *Xtreme LEDTV *Vader Streams *Nitro TV *The Players Klub I'm trying to decide between the top 4 listed.

  7. This is set TV have been havin lot of problems with them had a person curse me out that I asked for help from their service department I got one more month of my 6 months and I'm getting rid of them if you know anybody that wants to buy 2 of the boxes that I paid $85 each for I'm gonna get rid of them


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