They were all I am roberto rossi. This is my channel in the meantime. Thank you. It seems all the people who are excluding themselves who will subscribe. I will always keep you updated of all the others impossible to imagine that you can go and install on KODI.

More, if you have any problems of any problem at the level of installation ADDON, you can contact me on my telegram, channel, instagram and youtube today. I will present this addon, which is called LOOP.

What you are looking at right now that will allow you to go and see everything related to international sport in hd. We will go on settings, we will go to file and we will go on add arising on none. We will go type http, two points flash flash.

Lo at each point, a k, slash flop. 19. We must give the okay on the source name, we will put block and 19 and we will give the okay. We will go back, we will go up addon and we will go to install from zip.

We will go to find our 19 and click on these folder at the top right v. True ra don installed. We will go to install from deposits and go to the lob purpose. We will click whatsoever and we will go to addon video.

We will go to click on ADDON. We will go to ok, you will check it, install me here it already installed. We will go back, we will go to addon and we will check addon loop. We will click on above various possibilities to go and see the sport and then to pass the time as to see all the channels I will take you on.

This is what, for me, is the most beautiful one where we can go and take all that is the sport that is taking place now in this moment, we will go to this folder once it loads. It will show us the list of all sports.

You can watch them internationally, then there is really everything guys. We start from brain sport from arena sport to dubai sports, which are all international channels where you can go and see everything, including football, French channels we go down, and we also have Spanish and American channels.

Nba and golf here we will have everything and more. We will return back ro. We will be in the main screen. I always thank you for your attention. Guys recommended me to activate the bell for any problem.

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