My preferred by far Premium IPTV service on KODI is Vaders TV. Not only because it never lags, or because it has 950 blazing-fast channel streams. And not even because it has an integrated Movies and TV Shows Library, ready to use on KODI. And neither because of the special and unique features like the Matchcenter and the brand new TV Guide with which you will never miss a sports, ppv or show again. It is my preferred best premium (paid) iptv service on KODI because it never stops innovating and working to beat the best, to beat itself!

Vader TV is the best premium iptv service on KODI.

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Best Premium IPTV add-on on KODI – No lag and Super Fast Streams – Vaders TV


  1. LOL People complaining its not Free…The Title clearly says PREMIUM IPTV…What Premium anything is Free? You want Free…watch Mobdro or something.

  2. You claim this is the Best because obviously you are getting some kick back to advertise this mess. i'm sure at Some point you said Playas Klub, Streamz TV, Set TV were also the BEST … boom shakalaka !!!

  3. sure i like the video but you forgot on thing which app do i go in from the beginning to get the iptv and all the channels i guess you forgot to tell us what and where to go or click

  4. Hi Demi, I love your videos!!!! I had a problem with my box and had to reset it and now I can not find a good link for Vader's. I got my last one from you and it worked great and I set up for a year but now like I said I can't find a good link.

  5. Good morning everyone, can someone tell me if this Vader streams is better than nitrotv, pix , pulsar , I have all these channels on my android tv box but the buffering, lagging and freezing got on my nerves, , thanks in advance

  6. I love Vader streams or TV over the inconsistent service with players klub I tried both but Vader's TV is best iptv hands down with only exception set tv
    I am a much happier camper with vadera TV streams.

  7. Hi mate, just a quick not about vader will it be ok for me for live tv as i have always had problems with lagging in the past watching live football games because my fibre is only 20 mbs because of the area i live. thanks

  8. Been using Vader for 2 weeks now, canceled my subscription already. No help from support and the guide is very hit-or-miss for most of the weeks. And a lot of the channels lag, but when I did a free trial everything seemed to work smoothly very odd indeed. But the biggest problem I have quite often as it logs me out of my account and then when I put my credentials back in it won't log me in I've emailed them several times about this problem and never received anything back. No point of paying for something when you can't even log in. I'm sure there are better alternatives I'll keep looking. Nothing against you though Demi of course you're the man I love your videos and help but just giving my opinion. Keep up the good work!

  9. updating the VOD library seems to take forever but already cant wait and excited to find out if my patience was worthy then will certainly upgrade to a monthly subscription

  10. Quick question if you can spare the time: does Vader have VODs? for example: if a sports game was on earlier in the day, but I get home late at night can I watch the game's recording directly through the Kodi app with no need to record previously? Or must I record the game ahead of time?

  11. I've tried most so called IPTV.
    No one comes close to the streams you get from them.
    Their new TV Guide is worth 5-10.00 month.
    I'm not a reseller but a reseller hooked me up. If you would like more info

  12. I'm thinking about getting this now that certain companies are blocking streaming of Prem league games etc, is it reliable for Prem League games in the UK ? Not too fussed about anything else…..

  13. I like this VPN service “fetching zonet com” (Google it). Simple to set up & utilize. I can enter Google in areas where it`s access is rejected, and there`s no loading problem. I`m a low bandwidth user, but I just updated Fb & it downloaded quickly, just like at home. This service is wonderful for you as well. I find it astounding!


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