How did I get rid of the monthly cable box and DVR rental fees? I rolled my own setup and here’s how things are going a few months later. Check out the original video here:


  1. What's with all the dudes saying your cute or sexy? Gays everywhere. Where are the ladies? I'm a lady and I think you're cute but beauty is only skin deep. Don't let it go to your head. Arrogance is not attractive.

  2. Wow… I'm really appalled by the comments here. This is some kind of really sick hedonistic society we live in where everything is sexualized. I'm sick and tired of the objectification of my fellow human beings.

  3. My upstairs neighbor (old house now split level) had cable through TW. Because the access to all the rooms' coax hub was in our pantry we were able to get cable too. Just plugged in a splitter and plugged everything into our tv and got the basic channels we didn't need a box for. However they switched to dish a few days ago and now I cannot seem to get anything to register. I've searched everywhere online and it's hard to tell who's serious or not. Any suggestions that don't include me telling my neighbor what I'm doing and splitting half'sies.


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