Cable without the cable box!

Silicon Dust’s HD HomeRun Prime allows you to ditch the cable company equipment but keep the cable, saving you some cash along the way.

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  1. all i know is when i was growing up, all we bought was the tv.
    and there weren't alot of channels either but,….
    nobody paid for it.
    abc nbc cbs pbs & who knows. back then we didn't watch tv like today.24/7

  2. Lol I'm just paying for internet and watch YouTube and twitch for fun. It's cheaper and you get to choose what you want to watch, rather than being stuck with whatever on the 200 channels that comporium offers

  3. ALABAMA: Spectrum in Alabama requires cable boxes as of July 25, 2017.
    So if you rely on the line itself, whether for basic cable, or feeding to a TV Tuner via PC….
    You're fucked.
    Unless your TV is DTV-ready(most HDTVs/LCD/LED), or if you have a DTV converter box, you're still fucked.

  4. Please help! I need to find a box thing to watch U.S channels like Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, CNN, Cartoon Network, etc. Our bill was way to high and we didn't have cable anymore. We are trying to find it to watch those channels just buying a box thing to watch it on tv. Please I nedd help to find it.

  5. Let's start a partition. No cable no bill. They are a rip off. I was with the cable company for 7 months and I had to realize in 7 months, I had paid them 1500 dollars over 7 billing periods. That's alot to watch T.V. Now I've saved 1500 in another 7 months and used it to spruce up my home.

  6. I'm in Canada and have no idea what a cable card is. As for no box, well that's not entirely true. You are using a computer with Windows Media Center installed. In a sense that's your box. I have that too. You are still paying for cable so all you're saving is the box rental. When you want to watch TV, you have to have your computer running. If someone doesn't have Windows Media Center on their computer then do they still need a box? What does the card do? Does it allow you to get more channels? If you are using Windows Media Center for your TV then what is the HomeRun Prime box really do? I'm a little confused what the box you're using really does.

  7. Do you have to plug in your PC to get the HD Homerun to work? Does your PC have to be on all the time? I think that you skipped some steps before plugging into the HD Homerun?


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