Cellon TV Olli – 4K iPTV Set-top Box – Review and Unboxing

The CellonTV Olli is a 4K UHD iPTV set-top box. Avov TVOnline N is an Android based iPTV box, powered by Android 6.0. It is built for Avov’s middleware called Nova 2. Though not perfect, it still is a good option to carry your iPTV and video on demand movies and TV shows.

The box comes loaded with some highlight apps, but most notably Netflix. It also comes with Kodi, Crackle, YouTube, and many more apps.

CellonTV Olli runs native the Nova 2 middleware, and is also compatible with Stalker Middleware.

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Get Nova 2 Live TV Service Access

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Avov TV Online N Walthrough + Nova 2 Live TV Access,
how to get it.

Avov TVOnline N, 4K, iPTV Set-top Box – Full Unboxing and Review

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  1. I live in Europe, ordered this box and received today. I have no detailed menu. Don't know how this box work. I need help, otherwise I have to throw this box and forget the money wasted on it.


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