Hello friends of the youtube Today, I’m, going to show you how to install luar. First of all, thank you very much for subscribing to the channel and thank you very much to everyone who is watching me in these times that we are going through right now forward the video we are going to add the source of luar.

We will go to the cog wheel as always: File Browser, add font and we will put the address. I leave it here, you have time, so you can do it calmly and any questions you have about this video or previous videos tell me without problem and he will reply as soon as possible.

I will let you connect your kodi with this source, so you can see this great add-on program which we are going to install at the same time forget about buffering elsewhere, add-ons repositories. You will have everything everything everything in this in this video included all through luar.

So let’s. Go there let ‘ S put the address, as I told you default is font, but I to distinguish it later. I have put it on luar below this is easier when we have to install It is not the same as putting a font, a luar font.

We give ok, and now we already have it on. You can see it here. Luar fountain. I only have two, as you see well now that we have the source we are going to do the luar installation. How is it done? As always, we install from a zip file, you’re, going to go to luar fountain, you give script and we wait a few seconds for it to install once we have it installed.

It will appear in the upper right corner. You see it there. You have it, we already have it now we are going to explore everything that has luar will leave you hallucinated forget about other things. I tell you with this: it is a definitive installer, easy fast, intuitive and that it will serve us for everything we are going to go to the program add-on there.

We have it no more stories here. We have everything ordered very well done. Thank you very much to the dreamers team. Here we have add-on by categories cultural sports, children’s, latin musical films.

Then we have tools. We have. It ordered alphabetically. Look at what we have here, incredible everything we have. I have several positions through other videos that I have made, but it seems to me that this is definitive blue crystal iberika palantir exodus.

Everything come on a la carte television, telemedia tvchopo everything you want, you will have it here, repositories the same. Let’s, go to the buffer and tools right now. Buffer management can be done here directly.

I have 3 gigabytes or more activated. You can activate what you want. It will tell you if you want to restart or not but hey if you already have it in 3 gigabytes by default, you leave it that you do not have it activated because you catch Look at the system information.

How many gigabytes do you have? If you know well, you connect buffer management more or less what you have from memory, and now we have it by categories. Like i told you before, look look at everything here, sports I’m, not saying I leave it to you that you yourself at home, you install it, you look at it, you test it and what I have told you in previous videos.

I love those positive comments. The negatives I’m, going to remove them for latin people from mexico, argentina. You also have add-ons torrent engines, which is very necessary movies series and documentaries, which you already see.

I have some installed, as I have told you so some of you can uninstall directly here without going anywhere else. I will not uninstall it because it works well. For me, you have blue glass that you also have here.

You do not have to do anything else. You can also update it, for example iberika I have it without updating. I give it to update and wait a little and from the repository directly we are going to do the update.

It is very simple. I highly recommend it. I have tried it. It goes quite fast. I liked it a lot. What I have told you, you have infinite add-ons to be able to install there tools forget about so much history.

Each day is easier. I will leave you in the video description from other videos that I have where I explain what happens to Kodi. You have Palantir. If you don’t have it, you can install it from here and then the repositories just like you have them all.

There look at everything there is. There are people who could not find some programs, because here you have it many have been updated. This application is being updated a lot, what amount of things? Well? Yes, friends.

This is the piece of program that we have installed today. It has been very easy. I recommend you see the rest of the videos If you haven’t seen them. I think this is definitive. It is called luar and you have it here in Cansinos de Xbox and Kodi hit like if you liked it subscribe.

If you are not subscribed and share, it is very important that we share all the videos. Greetings and don’t miss the next video up to another friends.

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