DTA Box That Mounts To The Wall Thank You Comcast

Installing a DTA Xfinity box and how we do it .If you are in a hotel or apartment complex that offers the clients cable this maybe the solution to keep the boxes from growing legs and walking off. You Can also install this with a security screw so nobody can take them off the wall .Thanks For Watching .
If you see a tool are something in this video that you would like to purchase.Try shopping on AMAZON for whatever you need through the links below.

Led Corn Row Bulb
Dewalt Drill Combo Set
Kohler Toilet
Flush Valve Seal
Stud Finder
Jam bar
.22 Ramset Loads
Wire Strippers
Bit Set Dewalt
Magnet Wrist Holder
Click Light
Wire strippers for RG6
Kohler GP30420 O-Ring Seal
No contact voltage meter
11 in one Screwdriver
Turbo 200 Capacitor
Pool Test Kit
Puddy Knife Set the best will not rust
EZ-RJ45 Crimper Tool
Manifold with 5′ Hoses for R-22/R-404A/R-134A
RG6 Fittings Outdoor Compression Connector
Channel Locks
Honeywell 5000 pro

This video contains an affiliate links, which means that if you click on the links and make a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission. Thank you so much for watching!

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