FCC wants to help you ditch the cable set-top box (CNET Update)

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Renting a set-top box for TV service may soon be a thing of the past. The US regulatory group will vote on wether pay-TV services should be accessible as apps.

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  1. Honestly I have Cox with Contour TV and their highest internet speed in my area (200 mbs) and really love it. I only pay $140 a month and customer service has been surprisingly awesome. You just have to know what you're talking about when you call

  2. Cable and satellite providers add costs, carelessly handle consumer privacy, and hurt smaller content providers without the need of the FCC passing new regulations. They are happy to raise rates for no particular reason. Charging a fee to use their set-top box to access their content should be illegal. Consumers are paying enough as it is.

  3. I keep telling my wife to ditch are cable box. the user interface is so dated and I doubt charter has ever or will ever update it. I'm sure if they create a app it will also look just as dated.

  4. When they basically said it would harm consumers, it was a threat. They make a lot of money from those box rentals. They will figure out another way to make their money. They always do.

  5. People are being forced to use these boxes which I don't think it's right. For the price of rental in a year you can have your own box thru 3rd party manufacturers which scares these cable companies because they will lose the added revenue. If they do it thru an app, which Charter does but only on your home network and not abroad, then it's technically a win for the consumer as everything will eventually go online in the future. Music and games does this, so why the hell not cable?

  6. Future of the Cable and Satellite Box

    The average house hold spends up to 231.00 dollars a year
    for your cable or satellite box. This is an expense the American people don’t
    need. Not only that the set top box are usually old and not up to date. The Fcc
    has proposed that in the future they would like competition in the set box by
    creating apps that would do the same thing that way you could pick the box of
    your choice that you would own and not rent. Unfortunately the cable and satellite
    companies are lobbying against this change and the vote was put off on Sept-29
    for a later date. The cable/Satellite companies are paying millions to stop
    this vote. Satellite and cable make billions off these rental fee’s each year.

  7. Our cable company just made the switch where all users must have a set box top. I just set mine up and called to have it activated but something is wrong with the box. They could not get it to activate. So now I am stuck with no TV and no idea when they will have time to come figure out what is wrong. I've noticed their vans are always passing our house because of the switch. So many people, so many problems. What a disaster. They only gave us like a weeks notice then started eliminating channels day by day. They never broadcasted on stations like ABC, CBS and NBC that they were making a switch and that this channel will need a box. So I figured maybe I can still have these three major networks without a box. Nope. Next day turn on TV, all channels gone.


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