Fire your cable company FREE CABLE TV for ANDROID IS HERE.


UK Channels
US Channels
Offers Guides too! Enjoy

All can be downloaded from


  1. it's a lovely apk, it's got a few nice channels on it. I downloaded it through Firefox, and I had to click woofe player to get it to work. I hope that helps, with your problem.

  2. Tried to update this apk with chrome and downloader ….. Neither will allow the complete install. You don't say what to do in case that happens. Care to share with us having this problem the solution?

  3. Another great video. I tried to install this on my Fire TV. When I try to play a channel a box appears stating that I need MX player and that I don't have it. I had installed wuffy player but the channels won't play. Do I need to get MX player or am I doing something wrong

  4. I am looking at a channel on it, when I started looking at it, it backed out to the live TV channels, what makes it do that I wonder but overall I like it

  5. On the Documentary section its saying that I don't have MX player and I that I need to download it. How do I fix that? Most other channels work just fine.


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