I just had a tech come out today 1/22/17 to install the new Xi5 wireless companion cable box. Wireless means that you don’t have to have a coaxial cable plugged in. It runs off of your internet modem. It’s been claimed that it supports HDR but not 4K. In the picture setting I could not find where to switch HDR on. Maybe they will send an update to the firmware to enable it.


  1. Thanks for the video. Were you able to self install ? And what type of router are you using ? Comcast is saying that you need there leased gateway for it to work.

  2. Great to know. I was going to get Directv for my man cave for the wireless boxes. I need 3. Now I can just wait until we get them here in VA. Will I need a new dvr box? Or does the X1 dvr work with them?

  3. They only work with Comcast Arris modems. If you have a Cisco modem good luck. The Arris modem will have xfsetup on the side. If your modem had HOME (whatever) the shit will not work


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