Watch free premium live tv from the usa, uk and around the wrong with iptv stalker app for android.

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  1. This guy is such a Salesman… gets very excited about temporary flaky addons… to rave on like this about an IPTV add on shows a little bit of naivety… any experienced Kodi individual will understand what works today will not work tomorrow. So you might want to save the excitement. No stability in any of the IPTV addons or apps he pushes. He clearly has zero respect for any copyright infringement rules anywhere. Ironic as he makes his living by from 'his' YouTube content and monetizing the views… shame the content owners he's ripping off don't have the same chance, hey?

  2. Hey, I got an idea!, let's get a TV app where you can NEVER know what the hell is even playing on the channels, and we'll just click on random channels HOPING we find something good! Yeah!


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