Going Over Internet Service Providers (Ontario, Canada) Part 1 – Rogers Cable Internet Plans (2017)

No. This video is not being sponsored by anyone. I did this because I got bored… Total editing time to create this video part: 5 hours. Anyways, I have not made a user-generated YouTube video in a long time on my YouTube Channel, and this maybe my chance to do so. If you want me to continue this, or if you have any comments regarding the way that I speak while I am recording, please let me know about it… In this video part, I go over Rogers Cable’s current Internet Plans in 2017 that are listed on their website, which is one of the long time Broadband Internet Service Providers in Ontario, Canada. Also, I managed to take a look the system requirements that they have also listed on their website as well for their Internet Services at the end of this video…

Thanks for watching and enjoy the video!

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  1. I have Cable service, I got a Triple play: CableTV + CableModemWifi + Phone.
    I pay $40 month for the basic package includes 25 Mbps, TV and Phone service.
    It works with Android, Linux, Windows and Apple. I'm happy with Cable it works very well. ☺

  2. Help !!!
    I was looking for a review of ISPs in Ontario this just covered Bell and Rogers.

    What about the others!!!!! like V Media: are they any good?????

    Who else is out there in our area that has TV and internet services????
    Right now i am paying way to much for bell . i am in north Oshawa close to the University.
    2 year contract is done and I'm paying $180 for tv and internet.
    I use the internet a lot for you-tube videos and mail and shopping FB Twitter etc.
    but I would like some HD TV channels
    I checked out OAT with antenna but got into kodi android box and stream movies

    Right now with bell I have 25 download and 10 upload with unlimited bandwidth
    125 gig usage pack for 70.95 +tax
    plus a $12+tax add on for unlimited gigs
    this month i used 6.2.2gig The six month high is 76.89 gigs
    I don't think i need this add on but i did not watch much kodi lately.

  3. hi politely fib isn't fiber optic unless build home new after running fiber optic lines if older home or areas it cost millions dollar to run new lines thus FIB ANY BIG COMPANY TRYS TO GET YOU HOOKED LIKE BUYING PHONE 3 YR CONTRACT 900 TURNS INTO BIG TIME INTEREST BELL LOOKED MY INTERNET DATA HIT ME 211.00 IN EXTRA CHARGES IN 2008



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