Using STB Emu you can add IPTV servers. This is an easy guide on how to setup Crown TV


  1. do i use the mac address from the bottom of my andriod box? when u talked about that part, i got the impression you got the mac address from crown… do i set this up before ordering my iptv service? also my android mac address doesnt start with what your saying.. its a mygica atv.. one of the new ones.

  2. Ok I have a minix u9 andriod so download emulator an the seller gives you MAC address why can't they make a apk for all this do they have a step by step video after you purchase from crown

  3. hi fred. do you have a video like this one but for nitro iptv set up on this emulator? i dont have url for nitro, i just put in my details for login and it works. so if i was to follow the same principles as for this video, i don't have mac address or url address to fill in like you have done here. thanks for your help. I've subscribed to your channel now but can't see a set up for nitro. thanks

  4. i tried many things on the shield to make it run on stb emu .i kept getting incorrect url.the only thing i was nt doing that not deleting the serial number and i was sending my device id to the provider . i wanted to use it with private server .i cant even try now because i returned the shield . was i the only thing was i wasnt doing. can u pls confirm it .once u do i can go get the shield thanks


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