How to Become an IPTV Stalker Reseller the Easy Way

This is where you have to go to become a reseller for IPTV Stalker

Make sure you scroll down and click on “How many donations you need?” and select 8 or more. As soon as you do that you will become a reseller and will have access to the Dashboard.

I’m tired of people ripping people off and getting away with it. I am not a reseller but I will point you in the right direction and with reputable sources that will help you by email.

IPTV Stalker does not care about you or me, you can send them an email and they will never answer you. Become a reseller at your own risk.

Let the hating begin.

As always, visit for more tips and help.
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Thank you, you guys are awesome!

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  1. +Tech Timeruuu I am glad you are moving away from iptv stalker and i wish everyone else would do the same. Kodi wasnt made for iptv and stalker was intended for the mag250 box not kodi. If people want live iptv they should go buy a mag250 box with a sub and stay away from the kodi world.

  2. Really sorry you got burned by the scammers TT, I know your really one of the good guys that tried to help. You just came to the end of your rope. My hope is that you continue with your revue's and protect yourself from the scammers in the future.

  3. You could of said, I'm no longer a reseller and moved on, but you took the time to pass the information forward as good people do. Thanks and continue with help you bring to the KodiWorld.


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  5. I just renew like a new costumer my donacion for $120.00 and as been a wk that I'm trying to set that up andI been ask to have someone call me and help me set it up no luck there for I beleive that thi is a scam and I'm taking legal action.


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