How To connect HD Multi Room TV, 1 source to 4 TVs using HDMI Splitters / Amplifiers

Hi, this video shows you how to connect up a Virginmedia Set Top Box and a ROKU 2 XS media player (you can use Apple TV, Blu-Ray, DVD etc.) to 4 TVs using 2 HDMI splitters. The HDMI splitters have 1 input to 4 outputs so 4 TVs can simultaneously show the same display. This is ideal if you want the flexibility to watch your equipment in any room. The HDMI Splitters transmit full HD (1080p) so there is no loss of quality. The video also shows an IR (infrared) Kit to transmit the Virginmeida Rmeote control to all 4 TVs. The Roku 2XS uses Bluetooth which struggles to transmit outside the under stairs cupboard so I use the Android and Apple App for the Roku remote control which uses WiFi to allow you to control the Roku and it works really well. The down side of this install apart from the time and money spent on the installation is that you have to watch the same thing on all 4 TVs.
Many thanks Vince

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  1. hi I'm looking to send a hdmi to my back room my sky box is in the front room. the sky box only has one output so could i just get a splitter plug that into my sky box then just plug the 2 hdmi cables into the splitter ? thanks!

  2. Hi Vince,
    I'm trying to work out how it would be possible to watch different tv channels on different tv's around the house.
    So my son can watch something in his bedroom, my daughter in hers and something different again in the sitting room.
    I was planning on running freeview to say 3 tv's and sky satellite to 4 others.
    Is it possible?
    Many thanks

  3. Hello, Have you research connecting wirelessly? Example: I have a TV in the Living room connected to a cable box (Fiber optic box) and I want to transmit wirelessly to a Smart TV and a Smart digital projector. So 3 sources in all. I currently can transmit wirelessly to the smart TV using the IO GEar HD Transmitter kit, but trying to see how I can get to that projector.

    Would love to hear if you had any ideas.

  4. Hi there great information.
    I wonder if you can advise on how our football club can utilise our sky HD box onto 2 other screens in our club via HDMI ?
    We have the main screen using the HDMI but the other two TV'S are currently not used. We have the router next to the sky box and due to the structure of the buiding it is not feasable to run HDMI cables from a splitter box to the 2 other tv's. I wondered if there is any other way to link these two tv's without spending a fortune?
    Is it possible to use HDMI extenders over cat 5/6 then via TPLink powerline adapters ?
    IE in this order:
    1, HDMI CABLE from Sky Box to HDMI Splitter.
    2, HDMI CABLE from HDMI Splitter to HDMI extender (Sender).
    3, Cat 6 cable from HDMI extender (Sender) to TPLink powerline adapter.
    4, TP Link powerline adapter plugged in to power socket in main room to powerline adapter in power socket next to second tv.
    5, Cat 6 cable from powerline adapter to HDMI extender (Receiver)
    6, HDMI CABLE from HDMI extender (Receiver) to second tv.

    The extender i was looking at was the E-SDS 1080P HDMI Extender With IR Converter Up to 196 Feet.

    Is it possible to do this or am i over complicating things and it won't work because of the powerline adapters?
    Or is there an altogether easier way by utilising the TPlink adapters or router?

    Many thanks for any help you can give me?

  5. Can anyone help me! Im staring to stream in Twich and I bought a elgato capture card so I can stream from my ps4 so now I have a TV, a monitor, a laptop, the ps4 and the capture card …. I want to have the TV and the monitor able to use the PS4 so I can watch what I'm playing while I record/stream with the capture card that would be connected to the laptop… anyone know how I can do this?

  6. i thank you for your effort and hard work but there is better way and easy you can additional outlet for the room you want to watch TV than if you want to watch multi room the best is splitter with cable coaxial cat 5 you will not have loose of signal

  7. Hello, I tried to mirror to a second tv. I am able to mirror and the pic was great BUT some of the channels will not show on either tv due to HDCP issues??? Any idea on how to resolve this?

  8. Well done getting that snakes nest set up… Why on Earth did you not just get an HDBaseT matrix system with single CAT 6 to each TV and coax as back up for Sky & Freeview…. would have been 90% neater and probably cost the same as all that junk you have! Good video though!

  9. hmmm,what a load of hastle and mess.just buy 4x now tv boxes (about £11 each on e-bay) they are wireless and work fine on wireless 3 floors up! plus you can have 4 on one now account or have one box but leave a hdmi cable free in each tv and just take the box to the room.sorted! as for virgin get a deal with the multi room so you can use it as it should be used.i would rather pay the extra £5 a month than have all the mess and wires.

  10. hello sir , i am nagji and i recently buy a tv samsung k5300 which is fully hd and i dont have hd settop-box so is its picture quality is not good is there any device which will make my tvs picture quality.

  11. My main sky dish and box is in the house I have a garage in the garden I would like to watch sky but the internet signal doesn’t work.8 have since installed Virgin and it’s perfect.i was wondering if I was to get a sky box in the garage can I run it of the same dish ? Or would I have to get sky to come and install a seperate dish and box ???


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