How to fast install addons on Kodi

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I’m. Sorry, i had taken a break for a while and i’m back with this video. I’m, bringing on an add-on called xrs redux, and i’m, going to show you how to install exodus 3dx on your kodi 18.8 liar so without further delay.

Let’s get started. Okay, first things. First, let’s, go to settings the clock icon! Let’s; click on it in settings! Please scroll down to systems and in systems. Please scroll down to add-ons and to your right here, go to unknown sources.

Please click on it feel free to read this warning. If you agree say yes: now we go back and now please scroll down to file manager in file manager, go to add source and the space where it says. None. Please enter this path on your screen.

I’m, going to pause for a while, so that you guys can type this down once you’re done with this, then say: ok and the space where it says, enter a name you can put in any name. I’m, going to write it down as dot exodus that’s it if everything is correct, say: okay, now we go back, we go back to the main screen in main screen.

Please scroll down to add-ons! Please click on it over here on the top left. You can see a package installer icon, please click on it over here, scroll down to install from zip file and then go to dot exodus and then go to repository dot exodus redux.

So here you go exodus. Redux repo add-on installed now go one up to install from repository, go to exodus. Redux then go to video add-ons over here, scroll down to exodus, redux and in this screen to your bottom right say install if you’re on kodi 18 liar.

You’re, going to see the screen just say: okay, you can see the progress over here. So here you go exodus redux add-on is installed. So let’s. Do a quick overview of this add-on before i close this video.

So let’s, click on exodus, redux and let’s, say open. Okay, this is an update. We’re, going to say close, and here you go. They have movies tv shows my movies, my tv shows and much more. Okay, let’s, go up and click on movies; okay, they have bifurcated by jonah year people and much more so let’s go to most popular okay, so these are all the most popular movies of all time.

Really nice, let’s. Click on one of these. Let’s. Click on the godfather okay! It’s. Looking for sources here go, these are all the sources go ahead and click on one of these and the movie should start playing for you.

Let’s, go back. Let’s. Go back! Let’s. Try a tv show. You have to follow the same drill. Now let’s, see highly rated this time. Okay, let’s; click on the breaking bad! Let’s, choose a season! Okay, and let’s.

Choose season 3 episode. 4. Again, it’s, looking for the sources, okay, so these are all the sources go ahead and click on one of these and the tv show should start playing for you alrighty guys. So that is all with regards to this video.

I hope you guys, like my video and i was a great help and if i was please kindly like share and subscribe and do help my channel grow, so that is all guys. I hope you guys are home and stay safe. Take care bye.


Source : Youtube

How to fast, install addons on Kodi Go to Settings Add-ons Search, Install Run, Subscribe channel

Source : Youtube

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