How to fix your Xfinity X1 Box signal. This amp will fix everything ! Call Comcast tell them you want a AMP!!!!!!


  1. do not tell comcast you need an amp the proper name is a unity gain which does not amplify the signal. the purpose of the moca filter is to keep your cable network signals within your home for the smaller xi3 boxes to communicate with the X1 DVR cable box, without it they will not work. the max power level for each box is 10db, anything higher will be out of spec and will cause future problems you need a digital meter for proper readings .

  2. Hey I gotta say… The guys stuff works now right? Go ahead and bust his balls you losers. My experience with cable guys is the same experience: They make a fuckin mess out of your CATV/COMM service area and property, installing splitters all over the fuckin place leaving them and cables hanging everywhere, making bandwidth-degrading connections when they dont have to etc. I'm a rental property owner and absolutely will not allow any of you cable hacks on to my property without either myself or a representative to be present. I've posted notice on my buildings for you fuckin shoemakers to stay the fuck out and not to even touch any of the property CATV without my express permission and presence. And before any of you know-it-all spaghetti hurlers comment that I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about I will tell you that I've been a licensed master electrician for 35 years whose had many jobs over the years cleaning up after you communication hack-jacks. Go Raiders.

  3. You are exactly what's wrong with this world. A dumbass who thinks he knows bettter than everyone so you try to spread your stupidity on to the general public… Fuc*ing moron.

  4. The amp is just an 8-way splitter, but with an amp out ahead of it that cancels out the loss to and from the plant. The MoCA signals x1 uses go from the little client boxes to the main box – so from an out to out port an the amp. The stupid thing is these amps don't work that way – out to out is actually a loss, just like a normal splitter. Otherwise the main box is just another Docsis modem with tuners to the plant.


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