How To Get IPTV On Your Android Box

Easy Tutorial On Getting IPTV And Installing STB Emu On Your Android Box.

STB Emu Pro Download

STB Setup Steps
STB Emulator IPTV Setup

Step 1:

— Load the Android STB Emulator —

Step 2:

— Tap and hold Select/OK button on remote till you see Settings on top right corner —

Step 3:

— Tap Profiles —

Step 4:

— Tap Add profile to start a new one —

Step 5:

— Tap Profile name and enter the name of your IPTV Server —

Step 6:

— Tap Portal settings —

Step 6 :

— Enter the Portal URL type address given to you by Reseller and click OK —

Step 7 :

— Tap STB configuration and tap STB Model and select MAG 254 —

Step 8:

— Now tap Screen Resolution —

Step 9:

— I chose Auto —

Step 10:

— Scroll down and find MAC address. This is an important number because it is how your IPTV service will identify the set top box.

You must change the default MAC address, tap on MAC address. —

Step 11:

— I recommend changing some of the last 3 sets of characters. The format must be 00:1A:79:XX:XX:XX.

The Xs can be the numbers 0-9 or letters A-F in any of the fields. You will need to remember this code so write it down somewhere. This the address your going to give your reseller to activate

Step 12:

— Select Serial number and I typically erase serial number but you can keep it or change it if you wish —

Now power off your Android device and power back on and open the the IPTV Emulator. If done correctly your channels will load up —

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  1. You explain way too fast I didn't understand anything.. I already have the STB pro on my box but I subscribed from my phone to q-hdtv but I don't know how to make it work on the box ., the link they sent me on my email does not open on the box for some odd reason

  2. Nice video. I was confused.Did you add the server on a Mag 254 ? I thought this was for an Android box and i was under the impression that Mag 254 is a Linux based system. Please let me know. Thanks

  3. Tried this on a Minix Android Box with the STB Emu Pro. Worked great for a day. Then all of a sudden i get a message that STB Emu not working. When i run STB Emu and load my server profile, i can see the portal url opening but it loads it and then shuts down. I tried this several times. Should i uninstall STB Emu and re-install again ?

  4. Thanks bro I got it , but my last question is how or where to get Mac Address . I am going to use it only on Nvidia shield and am planning for one year subscription but help me where or how I get my MAC address I saw ur video but I little confused thanks

  5. Do u need a stb emu, for I bought a subscription to set tv they sent me an email with download and codes. Used es explorer to download and install app, put in codes and was up and running. Your iptv service looks great but I had purchased this already.
    Btw I'm a fellow canuck.

  6. Need some assistance. I have nitro and stb emu. I went through the steps but i get no pic. I Can see the menu and the list of channels. I have been switching between the players that come inside the stb emu app but no luck with getting pic to show. Any suggestions are much appreciated.

  7. Download mamoTV on play store and watch hundreds of free channels and radios on your smartphone, tablet and television. No more subscriptions per month because with mamoTV watching TV it's free

  8. Hi Fred, I subscribed with mytv and perfect tv ok but sometimes I face problem like if I choose between the two iptv in stb pro sometime f I open one of them in tv option it will open on tv but no any channel showing up it's like empty. So f I am tired I reinstall again stb then sometimes works and sometimes same empty, even sometimes one iptv work and the other empty when I swap in settings, please tell my where is problem coming from , I am using Nvidia shield , I just want both IPTV to be there and open them anytime without any issues like what I said. Or f u can tell me if there is any other player better than stb pro so I can use both iptv same time, Thanks Fred


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