How To Get IPTV Using Your Smart TV

How To Setup Up Smart STB on Samsung LG Smart TV. No need for Android or Mag 254.

Samsung Smart TV

LG Smart TV

Smart-STB Link

1.Selet GET ACCESS at top of Screen.

2. Check off Terms and Agreement.

3. Enter TV MAC Address

4. Enter Portal URL provided by IPTV Reseller (Make sure you have a registered Virtual MAC address)

5. Click ORDER NOW

*Will only work with Stalker IPTV servers*

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  1. Hi Fred, thank you very much for sharing your experiences with IPTV. I am fairly new to this and got a 1 month package with SET Tv Now IPTV, but I am having trouble to get it to work with my Samsung Smart TV from 2016. Do you know how to install this service on the TV? I have asked them and they say I need a box and they don't have support with Roku. Any thoughts? They work fine on an android phone or PC laptop, but I am trying to get it to work on my TV… Thanks for your comments. Victor

  2. Fred… you were honest up to a particular point…. let your subscribers know that Smart STB would be only valid for 7 DAYS for custom portal address, after that you can pay either $2.55 a MONTH or $27.99 For a LIFETIME MAC address release. all they would have to do is (Pay their subscriber for either a monthly or Annual fee for watching HD content which im watching all now…….)

  3. I just bought 1 month subscription from crown tv because I heard you say youre using crown tv. But I got confused when you said I need ipstalker service. Can you please elaborate? Can I use smart stb with crown tv subscription?

  4. Why pay for Smart Stb App and u can get Smart Iptv for just 6 Euro lifetime and ssiptv for free and work same or even better than smart Stb which cost 30$ . Not worth it .

  5. Hi Fred, I watched your video, very educational. But I'm stocked with Portal Url which you mentioned has to be provided by IPTV Reseller. Can you please recommend a Reseller to me. I also send you email. Thanks

  6. Hey Fred,
    Great Video and I'm definitely a fan, So I have a question about this though but bare with me for a sec, because as it turns out, I was with Machtvplus a while back and the same people that used to own Machtvplus have left Roku and are now using Androids boxes anything 6.0 and up for Stb emulator. And I couldn't tell you what IPTV service they're using because I actually never asked because I was about to leave them all together and was actually gone for about 2 months when they sent me an email saying I could get a 3 month special for 61.00 which included at that time my Mi-Box android as well so I couldn't pass that up, $61.00 for 3 months and an android box, shit yeah I'm gonna do it. So anyhow I just happened to have stumbled upon my Samsung smart tv the same app that you just did your video on and I even asked them(my provider) about the App and they were clueless so my question to you is this. When I got my Mi-Box and My 3 months of service I was told by my providers that I needed ES FILE EXPLORER to save all my stuff and to be able to clean it up so do you need ES FILE EXPLORER to use the App on the Samsung Smart Tv?? I mean are they feeding my Bullshit about needing the ES FILE EXPLORER APP or I guess I don't need it if it's running through my Tv and not through an Android box right???? Please I know you get tons of questions and shit but if you can please answer ASAP.


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