How To Hack Satellite and Cable TV

This 33C3 talk shows the steps taken to crack a cable or satellite box used in millions of TV set-top-boxes across North America. From circuit board to chemical decapsulation, optical ROM extraction, glitching, and reverse engineering custom hardware cryptographic features. This talk describes the techniques used to breach the security of satellite and cable TV systems that have remained secure after 15+ years in use.

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  1. ok now I'll dumb it down in so the avg high-tech redneck smell what he's stepen' nin u oickin up what I'm putting down. ok here goes get ready grab a beer best grab 2 roll a doob nope make it a hog leg ok lmk when ur ready

  2. you gat to be an elwctronic enginerr to know what in the fuck is you talking about I fell very sorry for the people that sit 2 hour to hear all that bullshit you talk just foking show us how to hack the fuvking cable box asshole..

  3. So, if I understand this correctly, it sounds like he is saying that it is currently impossible to actually create a "universal" software or hardware decoder for this. You need a box that is subscribed to the system you want to go after and you need to be able to extract the key data from that before you can do anything, correct?


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