Hello to all my Fans

I know all of you have commented on doing my video in 4-k but for the time being this is not possible as I’m just starting out with my channel and as it grows and I earn more income then I can advance my equipment but until then I am sorry I will not being doing videos in 4-k as the editing of them is to hard on my computer.

Please remember to be kind and If you don’t have anything nice to say in the comments please keep them to yourself 🙂

I’m trying to figure out new ideas for my YouTube channel. I would like to know what my subscriber are interested in watching from my YouTube channel.

Please hit that subscribe button if you like the content and make a suggestion on what fix’s it video you would like to see on my YouTube channel and as always thank you for watching.

Please no mean comments on this channel I will delete them.

Check out my channel for other great videos!



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