How to install Free USA live tv in HD for kodi! (IPTV 2016)

How to install Free USA live tv in HD quality for kodi! (IPTV 2016) Live tv & Sports! Download link for the playlistloader down below!

Download link for the playlist loader:

Video how to install the playlist loader:

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  1. I subscribed, I've been wanting beIN Sports USA for so long, all I could find was the dumb beIN Sports Arabic, then you bring me the channel in 1080p. Thank you and please maintain it! Also some channels boot you off after a few seconds

  2. done it all doesn't work plust look at his date many changed since then this has been Dissabled not working in our ares I wish when people add thing's it might help to go Back once and check what you done cause some people may just find it for the first time and wan't to try it out to if still works will all the New Wizard adons such ECHO where they have just about everything Built into to them check be adding something it does help you know.

  3. I found your tutorial (Dec 5, 2016) and I followed every step you did, got the playlist loader channels (USA, Syfy etc) installed , however, I'm unable to play any live TV links. Has anything changed such as the url location changed since you posted this video since it's from April 2016? I don't have the loading at the bottom right hand corner of the screen and nothing plays.


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