First thing you wan na do is come up to the top left and click on the Settings. Scroll next thing you want to do is come over to the right to system settings wan na come down to add-ons and y ‘ All wan na come up to the right and turn on show notifications also turnout online sources once you today is gonna prompt you with a warning key.

Yes, next, what you want to do both of these should be white on the right hand, side and should say and stop this automatically. Next thing you should do is hit back, come down the file manager and come down the add source after you, click on add source.

You want to click on none, and then we’re gonna type in the URL. For this beer. From the Rex build, I write summation typing that correctly don’t, make any mistakes and make sure your punch serrations are correct, hit okay come down, we can give it a name.

You can just put whatever you like the name really doesn’t matter. It’s, just a reference point and you’re going to type in. I’ll click on OK get back again. Let’s, go back to the main menu we’re gonna click on add-ons.

You want to come over to the top left hand, side of your screen and click on the installation box. The next thing you want to do is come down to install from zip file and click on that. Let’s come to directs.

If you didn’t put the period it’ll, be in alphabetical order, so it ‘ Ll still be near the top alright. So once you today, I’m gonna click on the plugin program to race. Wizard we’re gonna wait for the pop-up on the top right of our screen.

Alright, so once we get the pop-up on the top right of our screen, we’re gonna hit back it’s. Gon na automatically give us a pop-up, let’s, he remind me later or dismiss either one is fine, and then he’s.

Gon na give us another pop-up was he continue and let’s. Click on build menu all right, he dismiss all right so once we do, are they ever gonna? Take us to the screen where all the bills for the race bill.

As you can see, we have five different servers. So the reason we have multiple servers, some servers may run slower than others. So if when, if you click on one and it doesn’t go to speed that you would like cancel it and then you can open a different server and it may go ten times faster.

So for this video I’m gonna click on server, one, the one at the top and then let’s, go ahead and click on fresh install. You can do standard and start if you like, fresh and start cleans out everything on your system and then installs the bill by itself alone then want to click on continue.

Alright, as you can see, we got good speed, so it should be down in about ten seconds if yours take longer it’s, not a problem. Very small bill, 170 megabytes. Alright, once this finishes it’s, gonna say for its clothes any time you had a new bill, you want to close out everything on your system and open it back up.

If you have trouble closing out everything on your system, you can unplug your device and then plug it back in and you should get the same results at the beginning. I’ve opened up opening up a new, build it’s.

Gon na load up everything it’s, gonna say that’s, updating everything, as you see at the bottom right of your screen, to see um plenty of updates and installations right here. So you want to let that go for about two or three minutes to get everything running smoothly on to your device.

You can see. This is Derek’s build. It was good compatible with both Kodi 17.6 and coda 18 as well. This is version 9.6 and it was updated about two or three days ago, as you can see the top right on screen 925.

So on the menu screen you see, we have multiple different selections. We have the movie sections TV shows, sections family, DirecTV, paid TV free TV sports section is very popular right now, because everybody’s watching sports, we’ve got a music section, AP Keys, apk section, as you can see, apks are like They’re on their own add-ons, but you can also find them within this build and use them that way.

Miscellaneous got system if you want to mess around with some different things like skins change, the colors change the order of your atom of your menu. I also got an add-on section, which is very good.

If you come to video add-ons it’ll show you, as you see at the bottom right, is still updating. But if you come over here to video add-ons click on that it’ll show you all the add-ons that come with the build.

So if you’re looking for a specific add-on, you can find it here. So it’s. A nice selection of all the builds that all the add-ons that come with the bill. [ Music, ]

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hey guys, this is daddy chassis, and today i’m, going to show you how to watch any movies and shows on this app called kodi. So the first thing you want to do is install kodi. I’ve already installed it, so i’m going to skip this part now.

What you have to do is click on settings. Then click on file manager now click on add source. Then what you have to do is click on one and add down this repo source. This is going to be down on the description now add any name for the source.

So i’m going to put item now. Click on that. Okay! Now go back now: click on add-ons and click on install from zip file; now click on hidden click on the zip file. Now you have to click on install from repository now: click on dark convergence; now click on video items now click on bone crusher, now, click on install now, click, ok and click on bone, crusher; again, click open click on the open space; now click on movies click On in theaters now what you have to do is click on any moves.

I’m going to try blow shots. As you can see, there are many links for this movie on 72d and 1080s. Now what you have to do is click on 720p [, Music, ], [, Music ]. As you can see, this movie is running really fast: [, Music, ], [, Music, ], thanks for watching like and subscribe.


Source : Youtube


How to Install Kodi on Fire Stick, Stream Live TV, and Install The Latest Add-Ons (Exodus, Genesis, Soundplex, Hulu Plus Lots more!)

Fusion Org addon is a Spain Video kodi addon by Team-Fusion, this addon allow you to watch Movies & TV Shows dubbed in Spanish…So, if you’re living in …


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