How to Install IPTV on your MAG 254 Series Part 1 (IPGUYS)

Install Video of MAG 254, How to Install IPTV (IPGUYS)

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  1. Hello Cafeen,
    Just a question about MAG 254 ! Is it posible to use it to see movies on my owne FTP server as a repository. I dont' need TV but only want to put movies on a sever http and see them where i want with my MAG 254 ?

    Thanx per advance,

  2. Although I was seeing the channels, I was not able to get the programs when I clicked on the channels, the screen would just go black. I updated to where I live and the time zone but to no avail. I then tried your update but now I have a black screen with the following message: "Output mode mismatch. Please change device's video output mode to SD mode or use HDMI output." How can I fix this when I can't get out of this screen?
    Thank you, very frustrating

  3. Hi Cafeen,my friend have one of this ip tv MAG 254W1 and he has some problem with this box ,because he hook up the box to tv with HDMI cable and every time he turn back on the tv is jumping from the last HDMI input and other HDMI input ,and this is drive him crazy ,can you help me out with any information i can fix this for him.


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