FIX KODI 18.9 BUFFERING WITH EZ Maintenance+ | Update for an amazing addon KODI 18.9 | DECEMBER 2020

Today, in this video i’m, going to show you how to speed up your kodi system. This there have been a number of tricks you could use. However, this one worked for me and it’s, something that i’ve done in the past, but with all the updates happening in kodi.

Lately it’s, probably best that you guys update this method as well. So stick around: we’re, going to install easy maintenance plus and get it right going. So let’s. Do it all right? So, as always on our on this video, where i’m, going to show you how to install something, i’m going to take you to the main kodi screen, because there are people who aren’t using my build And i don’t know if they know how to install add-on this way.

So what i’m going to do is, if you’re using a build. I want you to go to the settings of your build and find the kodi settings, so mine is under xenon free. I go down to kodi settings. I click on that.

I go over to interface from interface. I go up to skin click on skin and then i can change it to a story or any other kind of skin. I have installed on this thing. I’m, going to go to a story, because this is the first cody.

This is the default kodi screen. Okay, this is kodi 18.9. By the way and like i said, we’re, just updating easy maintenance, because i’m sure. If you’ve been watching my videos, you have this already, but there’s, a better version out now.

So this is how we do this go up to the little gear box here, as always, we’re gonna go to file manager from file manager scroll down to the bottom. Hopefully you’re, not that you don’t have that many add-ons that’d, be crazy.

You can go to add source double-click there and type this in. Exactly as i do, okay, so http, let’s, see top my head. It’s, not gonna work, repository repository dot, android tv, gecko, geek, geek, android, tvgeek.

com, all right, backslash hit okay and we’re gonna. Do this fix fix this? I think that’ll work, click on fixes and then hit. Okay got all right. So if you got this, it just went through. It means you didn’t type, anything wrong and, like always, it will be on the screen.

Okay, so bam. We’re gonna go over to add-ons from add-ons. I want you to go to install from zip file all right so, like i said, we’re going to go into install from zip file. I’m trying to make sure my screen gets cut off too bad double click on that.

So it opens up as long as cody stops messing with me cool. So now we’re gonna find that video that we will find the repo that we just installed. I named it fixes i don’t know what you guys did if you named it fixes like.

I did, go and click on that from there. I want you, go to zips, so click on zips and inside of here, usually there’s, a bunch of add-ons in here as well, and a bunch of repositories and stuff that you can install scripts.

I’ll. Go through these as well later um. There are a lot of there’s, a lot of good good uh repos in here, but anyway, we’re gonna scroll all the way down. So i suggest you either grab this and scroll or if you’re using a keyboard, you know it’s.

Gon na you’re gonna go pretty far down. We’re gonna look for the repository section and then i want you to find husham that’s, an h where there it is that’s. What we’re, looking for okay, so click on that and install this one.

Now mine is going to say um add-on installed. Oh crap, oh yeah, because i did the whole thing over cool add-on installed that’s. What we’re looking for so i want you to go to install from repository click on that and right here we’re, going to look for the hush and repo.

Let’s, go down, it should be down in the ages, to be honest, yep scroll, all the way down to get to h, hush and repo click. On that from there we’re, going to go down to program. Add-Ons click on program add-ons and then we go to the first one right: there, easy maintenance, bam, install it and then uh let’s see this is the latest one right here.

So we’re gonna click on the first one. Here, hit, ok, give it a few seconds add on install nice cool cool cool cool, give it a few more seconds, so it goes through everything. It’s going to clean your system like a real, quick check to make sure the add-on is clean.

Good to go now that we have this, i want you guys to click on easy maintenance again and then go down to open just in case. I did that fast, because i feel like i did that fast. I want you guys to click on easy maintenance again after it installs and then go down to open nice all right so from here we’re gonna get a few things for one.

We’re gonna go to advanced settings. Your buffer size, you can use the optimal one that it gives that it it offers you um right now. The auto buffer size is 17 28 megabytes that’s cool. If you want to do that, you can click on it.

It shows your buffer size, it’s, set to all that it’s, good it’ll. Let you restart cody for those settings to apply after you do this. I suggest you try to watch something and see if it’s sped up your system now.

For most this will work. It should be okay, but if not there’s. Another step i’m gonna get into now. So you guys can kind of manually set your own all right, so this is cool hit, okay and restart your kodi okay.

So this is the second step in order to speed up your system um. If the first one you felt like didn’t do enough, for you do this, and this should really just really kick started. So what we’re gonna do is go back and check your free memory and we’re gonna do a little calculations, all right.

It’s, nearly not that hard to do, but you know something you just got ta do if you wan na, make it faster. So what you do first is go back hold on. Please hold these old go back to this screen here. What i want you to do, if you’re on the fire, stick long hold long press which means hold the select button for a few seconds, a second or two until this menu pops up – and i want you to add it to your favorites Right now, mine says remove from favorites, because i add it to my favorites all the time, but i’ll.

Do it with you guys, click add to favorites just because we’re gonna have to come back here and i don’t want to go searching for it too much. Then i want you to go all the way back. All the way back until you get back to this screen right here.

Okay, so from this screen, we’re gonna go to system information as system information. We’re gonna look right at the top here to free memory, and i want you to round this number up to the nearest five or ten.

So, basically, right now, i’m at what five thousand two hundred and twenty. Oh, it’s, going it’s, jumping give it a second stop jumping. So right now i’m at 5207. I’m gonna round that up to 5210, so my number is 5210 round it up.

Okay, so write that down somewhere, for you guys got it so once you have, your number 5210 is mine. We’re gonna go into the calculator open up your calculator. I’m on my computer, so it’s. A little easier for me that’s cool, so we’re gonna bring this down.

What i want you to do is take your number 5210. I want you to multiply it by .3. That’s. Your number! There cool now i want you to multiply that number by 10, 24 again by 1024, and that is the new buffer size.

We’re going to enter into that field in easy maintenance. Okay, so my buffer size is pretty high. I’m going to copy this. You write it down wherever you need, wherever you need to write down, you write it down now, instead of us going through add-ons and all that stuff again to find it, we’re, going to go back to the main cody screen again, and i Want you to scroll down here to favorites see bam because we’re gonna use easy you’re gonna use easy maintenance, a lot if you’re trying to fix your system, especially if you watch a lot Of movies, you’re gonna build a lot of stuff.

You need to get cleaned out so go back into easy maintenance. Here we’re gonna go to our advanced buffer size settings, and now we want to input a value for this one so input the value here now. This number here is: let’s, see what was mine.

Thank you. So, as you can see, this number is a lot higher than mine is right. Yes, and that’s because they give the most the optimal source that they feel your computer can handle. But that might not be the case as always.

Sometimes your computer can’t hold that can’t, give that much power, and you have to bring it down to the nearest bite size. What we just did so we’re gonna enter the number that we calculated here into this buffer size.

So take your number, i’m gonna move it to this screen, so i can copy it and it’s right here, all right cool! I like it once you have that wow. What happened once you have this number in! I want you to hit okay, sorry, i lost my screen there.

We go all right now. It’s, telling you to restart kodi for the settings to apply restart your kodi again it’s. Okay, it takes a few seconds. It’s, not that big of a deal. I just know it’s kind of in the way, but before we do that, if you want to, like you, know, double check everything before you restart kodi again, what you can do is go into the maintenance section here and clear.

Your cache nice clear your packages, if you want clear thumbnails that’s, fine, i normally only clear my cache files after you’ve done that restart your kodi all right. So now you’re back into your kodi and if you’re like me, who i oh, i do have a um a build, but for the most part i don’t normally use it too much.

I pretty much just go into my add-on section, video add-ons and i click whatever will work for me like if i’m, looking for a certain add-on like tempest, because i like tempus, i’ll, go into video add-ons.

I’ll, go into tempest and i will find what i’m. Looking for just because i don’t really care for all the bells and whistles. I’m, not sure if it slows down cody in any way. I’m, not really sure. If that does.

I know it takes power to do all of that. However, this method works fine for me too, but if you are someone who does like the you know, you kind of want the little look nice, no wrong with that. I’ll.

Get you right back to your build right now. What you’re going to do is go back to you’re, going to be in the main kodi screen. I need you to go to the top here. Little gear icon from the gear icon go back to interface from interface up to skin and then skin click, the build repo that you like the most and then click yes and you’re back okay.

So with all that being said, i hope this easy maintenance fix um update, pretty much work for you guys. I will go through more um kodi fixes, because i know a lot of people are having issues with it. Like i said, if you are that item right there, that you see on my my page is on amazon and it allows you to connect your fire stick to an ethernet adapter, which would speed up your system greatly.

You also have to make sure that your fire stick. Isn’t doesn’t have too much space on it. I would suggest getting like the uh. I think it was like the fire cube or whatever it is, that’s, also in the description below.

If you want to look at that, instead of the fire stick great devices, not very powerful, that’s. All i’m saying about them. Um. Also, if you have any questions drop, a comment below i’m glad to help out any way i can.

If you do, have any videos you’d like to see or any issues you’re. Having specifically, i can try to recreate it on my side and see, if i can, you know, fix that for you, but that is pretty much the end of this video.

So, like it uh drop, a comment subscribe, put the notification bells on because it helps and it helps you because i show up right on your feed and that’s. What i want i’m gonna be in your face. 24. 7.

, okay, um it’s, glad to be back. I hope you guys are enjoying these tutorial videos and i will see you soon also join the discord like i’m in there helping people out again, i’m asking. They’re, asking questions i’m, seeing if i could do what i could do to make it go a little smoother so have a good day, and i will see you in the next one.


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