1. It's much much easier with an android phone or tablet. Just down load fire starter from Google play and put the same IP address that you have on firestick and just send it to your firestick very easy

  2. I do this thru ES File Explorer as I have my google drive and Dropbox linked in the cloud. Before that I pushed using TeamViewer. I basically can do everything with my phone and never have to get up out of bed if I don't want to.

    Great video. I'm gonna try to get a 1-month MAC and try this out on my firetvstick.

    I have (2) yearly subs MAC's and I run IPTV Stalker as PVRstaker Client in Kodi16 on my Shield and I also have it running on my Avov STB Box.

  3. I was wanting to inquire about what and if you could add anymore nascar streams for Sundays. I always get the pre-race show just before the race on Fox 1 and then it switches to basketball and i have to use sports devil and nothings in 720 but 480. Anyone out there have any advice.

  4. One question I had it working but I turned off my android box and then when I tried opening emulator again it wouldn't load it failed.. Do you know the reason for this.? Do I have to change my mac every time that happens?.

  5. You know, it's amazing how many try and explain "HOW TO INSTALL STB EMULATOR ON A FIRE STICK",
    and really suck at it!! Talks fast, and jumps to the computer with a program that has absolutely nothing
    to do with the Fire Stick. This is called "bait and switch". They bait you to listen to this fast talking crap,
    and switch to offering their own software for a cost, giving the impression that without their
    software, STB cannot be installed to the Fire Stick!! Keep your money folks and keep searching!!


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