welcome back to i trust stream. Hope you’re having a fantastic week. The weekend’s almost here today, we’re, going to be talking about free sports replay. I’ve done this before. In the past, you guys loved it uh.

This is an updated version of how to do this. If you have a web browser on any device, this method would work on any device. Today we are on android tv. If you guys have a fire. Stick you’ll, be able to install right away, go, install firefox or silk browser.

Those are your best two options for fire stick. This is a free method, no sign up no cost to you and if you guys enjoyed this video, make sure to drop a like on this video and comment below what you liked about today’s content.

So today we are on the tivo stream. 4K uh i’ve, been using this lately kind of uh. This has been like the device that i’ve, been taking on the go uh when i do travel uh. The application that you’re gonna need is puffin browser you can go to.

Google play store. Click on that go over to your search at the top click on search, click on that and type in puff, puffin browser once you have puff and browser go ahead and install it again. This is a free method, free way to do it.

I like puffin it’s. Consistent it’s fla, it has a built-in flash. So you’re gonna go ahead and install that once you have that installed. The website that we’re gonna go to and again you can again, you can do this on any device.

So you go over to your web browser and this is what you’re gonna type. Okay, again, all the information is down below you’re gonna type in right there it’s. Gon na open up it, doesn’t take long.

The servers that are available are pretty consistent for it being free, and that is something that you don’t really find with a lot of websites. Now this has been what i’m, giving you guys some of my sources this out of 10 places that i go to when it comes to replays.

This is one of them. You guys want to be a little bit more in the loop me sharing some of the knowledge that i have uh cured over the years. This is one of my sources so say you want to go over here to mlb.

As a reminder, i know a lot of people fast forward through the videos this is for replays. Only today is august 6th. You’re, going to see games of august 5th. I’m. A yankee fan die hard. Yankee fan always will be a yankee fan, so don’t at me in the comment section below so the other day, uh phillies and yankees did have a double header, so uh you go over here to the game that you want to watch.

I’m gonna watch uh the yankees versus phillies. I happen to miss it the other day. So i’m gonna go ahead and watch that today you’re gonna scroll down and make sure that’s muted and you’re gonna have a couple options right here for quality.

So if you click click on this gear, icon uh, you can set it to uh 720p. That which is a great option for being free. I mean 1080 would be fantastic, but hey. I can’t, argue with 720. 720 for a free site and no buffering that’s, pretty good, i mean, and then you’re gonna click full screen.

Look at that look. It’s already transcoding and go over here and fast forward to the game and let’s, see how fast it loads. This is me not cutting it still talking and that wasn’t too bad. I am totally spoiling this game for myself right now.

I’m, just kidding guys i watch this live and that is a fantastic free option guys. So you can watch on your devices. No ads didn’t really pop up. I’m, just reminding you if you do see an ad here and there um that’s, not bad.

Okay, let’s scroll over here to nba a lot of nba fans. A lot of nba people want to be able to watch stuff that is on uh on demand in a way. So let’s. Go over here to see if the lakers played yesterday, there you go, lakers played uh, okc thunder you click on that.

You’re gonna scroll down. You can see the option right there. This is, as of yesterday. You click on that. I have it on mute, quality is on hd and i am going to go to full screen. Okay, let’s. Go ahead and fast forward through this game, real quick, guys turn away.

If you don’t want any spoilers, and this is me not cutting the clip and that’s. Pretty quick fast forward fast forward, not cutting the clip anyway, letting it load. That is a fantastic option for you guys.

So if you’re wanting to watch sports replays 100 for free with no registration, this is going to be your best option again. This works on any device uh. If you have slow internet and you don’t want to have any buffer.

If you do experience any buffering, they do offer an option to download and you can click on download uh. You’re gonna have to uh it’s, asking you to open up another web browser. I’m gonna click. Yes, now it’s.

Gon na go to uh This is an option for you to be able to download this, and i’m gonna show you guys how you’re able to download this in future videos to where you can add some of this stuff to your guys’s, plex setup.

This is a great option if you want an html code, if you have websites – and you want to provide sports on your guys’s websites for uh for your followers, this is a great way there’s. An html code – and this is a embedded code – if you guys are familiar with that, you can change the size right there.

You can copy and paste that right onto your website and be able to uh provide free sports to your followers. Some of you are probably gonna. Ask me how to uh bookmark, and this is gonna – be the option for you to uh to save.

When you do have um the website open right away, you’re, going to go ahead and back click once what you do. Is you go over here and click bookmark? I already have it bookmarked, but you can save it as a bookmark again.

This is a 100 free option for you to use. If you guys are looking for live sports. This is where you’re, going to need to go paid. This is what i use on the paid option. If you want more information about that links are in the description below.

This is what i use personally. This is going to be my live options. So again, all the information for that is in the description below, but hey for free, you can ‘ T complain: this is fantastic, kindly hit that, like button for me, comment below what you liked about today’s, video again uh.

I do appreciate you guys always following me, always dropping love on this channel. This is itra stream and until the next video i’ll talk to you guys later [ Music, ], later [, Music ], you

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