Broadbandmanudaddy uses one remote to explain how to program Comcast remotes without an instruction booklet.


  1. ww(dot)comcast(dot) com / corporate / customers / customer_ support / remotes(dot)html

    A list of remotes (choose the one you have) and a link leading to codes for the tv you use.
    Remove spaces.
    Add periods after the three W's and before the dot come

  2. hey when i do that and press ch+ it just shows the cable light blinking changing chanels on the cable box i had another remote like this programed to the t.v . before but lost it and got a new one like this and now it doesent work do i have to deprogram ?

  3. @TheRaneri What I showed you in the video should have allowed you to turn on and off your tv and adjust the volume. If you can turn on your tv but cannot adjust the volume there are 3 possible problems
    1. Sometimes there is a code that only partially works. If this is the case you can search past the first code for a second code.
    2.A few tvs are not compatible. Nothing can be done if this is the case.
    3. Comcast may have something new which I am unfamiliar. No work since 2010.

  4. I did this (I have the comcast with silver / red button), and everything works right, except, I cannot click the 'down' arrow, nothing happens, the other ones do though. And volume goes up, but I cannot turn the volume down. Help please?

  5. @SwishNationHQ (cont) If you are talking about the down arrow that controls the menu on the box, don't bother with the instructions I gave you below and try a new remote. About incompatible tvs. Familiar brands like Sony & Panasonic should be compatible.There are a few new brands that Comcast does not have the proper codes and you won't get a remote that works. Comcast is not perfect, as I'm sure you well know. Good luck.

  6. @SwishNationHQTry reprogramming and finding a different code. Go past where the tv turns off and keep going until it turns on. If that one doesn't work, try it again. I have tried 6 codes before I found one that worked, but it is usually pointless after 4 tries. You could have a bad remote. If you didn't see it come out of plastic, it is recycled. If a new remote doesn't work, you have an incompatable tv.

  7. I noticed in your video you do the 9-9-1 the first time it blink twice, then you hit 1 again. When I put in the 9-9-1, I don't get the double blink and if I put in the second 1 it highlights the Cable option. What am I doing wrong? I have the Comcast Remote with the red ok/select button.


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