Follow the steps below to search for your code.
1. Tv can be off or on position
2.On your remote, press and hold the
Setup button changes from red to green.
3.Enter 9-9-1 button led will flash green, twice.
4..Press the CH ^ button until the TV turns off or on. Be patient
5. After the TV turns off or on , press Setup button and that should program your remote.
6. press tv or volume button to test.


  1. For budget TVs you may want to use the CHANNEL DOWN button. Chanel UP starts from the "top" of the remote code lists. For example, the PROSCAN PLDED5069 is 20 presses away using CHANNEL DOWN but 300+ presses away using Channel Up. Also, I recommend that the TV be on when doing this. Some TVs take longer to power up making an impatient installer miss a code.

  2. The steps did not work for me but I did it another way. Here it is below:

    It did work for me either but I did it another way.

    1. Press and hold the setup button

    2. once the LED light turns green press the Contour button (under the voice

    3. From there you will enter the code that they give you on the screen

    4. Once that code is put in it will ask you to pick your TV manufacturer

    5. It will then give you all the codes for your particular TV (write them down)


    6. With all the codes they will provide you just press and hold the setup button
    until the LED turns Green.

    7. Enter each code one at a time and PRESS the VOLUME not the Channel button. If your volume works for the TV then you are done. If it doesn't repeat the steps with the next TV code they give you.


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