How To Set Up The Comcast XiD Cable Box To Your TV

This video will shown you how to connect the the Comcast XFinity XiD HDMI cable box to you TV, and we’ll also show you what comes included in the box

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  1. just got this and hooked it up working fine..but the question I have is it suppose to stay on??? my blue light stay on and when I try and press the All power button it turns off my TV but I'm no sure if it's turning off the box as well…when I hit the power TV button it turns off the TV fine..I just don't know if I have a problem of if it's suppose to turn off and the blue light is suppose to turn off as well to let us know it's off??

  2. I screw with this box a couple hrs last night.. Think I messed up.. was connecting it to old box first.. the instructions they send with it aren't very explanatory.. Gonna try again tonight.. BTW, I like your Die Casts.. Have many many myself..

  3. Thank you so much for this i appreciate this video. I just got my lil box in the mail today. I was unsure if this was a completely new cable box or not because of its size lol. Since you showed me how to hook it up im about to go right ahead and plug it up in my bedroom 🙂 TYSM. Have a nice day


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