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ADB file software for sideloading stb emulator to fire stick

STB emulator apk:

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  1. I find the app abit flakey on my firestick sometimes it keeps kicking out before the app loads up so I have to clear cache in the firestick apps menu, also is there a list of menu commands for the fire controller?

  2. Tried to use Andy with my purchase then tried to use STB emulator. Got connected but it kept locking up and the audio didn't match the video. Any other emulators that aren't such a resource hog. Sure wish I could use Kodi. What should I do Pro's? Thanks in advance.

  3. It would be nice if you could hook up more than one box. I have 4 TV's in my house with a bell receiver going to each one. I would have to pay the $15 4 times a month to have what I got now. I would be happier if I could connect a few boxes under the current fee. Maybe make it ip specific where only boxes connected to the same modem would work. Just a thought.

  4. Added this earlier, worked well for 10 minutes. When I went to go back onto it, it's just a blank screen. I have force closed the app several times and it's still just a black blank screen. How do I fix this?

  5. Hello, I'm trying to setup the emulator but when you demonstrate to enter the MAC-address given on the subscription, I get thrown off. Firstly because I was given an URL address to set up the PVR only, meaning an IP address. What MAC -address is the emulator looking to have? Thank you in advance for your help.

  6. worse customer service ever. sent a total of 6 emails and not a single reply. thank God I only paid for the 1 month subscription. had the service for 1 day and I have been blocked since then. anybody here know of a decent reliable IPTV service with great customer service??

  7. This service is the pits! Been trying to get setup for over a week and over seven emails. Their video instructions suck! I found another service which is far better, SETVnow and got connected and working within an hour and that includes three devices.


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