How To Use Perfect Player & STB Emulator Android Apps With Limitless IPTV Or Your Own IPTV Provider

In this video I show people how to use Perfect Player or STB EMU Android apps to watch their IPTV of choice. You will need to check with your provider if they support these apps but most do. Ask them first and then get to working with these apps outside of Kodi.


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  1. Well I got a message after i downloaded both items in ESF. The APK said app not installed. I tried it twice. I even went to mobdro and same thing. Im on a firestick also. Any suggestions?

  2. I tried the perfect player on my android and so far i got into the blue screen and i am waiting on the download tofinish. I put my password in and my username in. So wish me look.

  3. OK wow MAN I had to use the Shield remote to put in my user and password LOL!! I gave away my keyboard with my old XBMC box lol………….but thank you sir !!! I like this app, seems easier to use then say going through Kodi

  4. Here's a quick tip for those using an external keyboard. Go to the Play store, search and install "Null Keyboard". It is free and won't interfere with any operations. You will not get the pop-up keyboard again. Works on any Android device. Hope this helps.

  5. I just updated to titanium 2.2 is there anyway you can make a video on how to get rid of the pairing in specto,Covenant and Elysisam I know you are super busy I love the new update

  6. You mention that there was other things you could do to help with buffering if you still experienced buffering after changing the DNS on your router. I'm interested in what those other things are. I believe Comcast/Xfinity is some how interfering with my connection to limitless.

  7. Need some assistance. I have nitro and stb emu. I went through the steps but i get no pic. I Can see the menu and the list of channels. I have been switching between the players that come inside the stb emu app but no luck with getting pic to show. Any suggestions are much appreciated.

  8. Can I use the custom perfect player that you show in the video with Players Klub IPTV instead of Limitless IPTV.
    I can get it to work with the Perfect Player from the Google Play Store but not with the custom version.
    Thanks and appreciate what you are doing.

  9. So i finally got this PP installed now i click on something to watch the bootom bat comes up with all the details in and the loading circle spins then shows red and nothing happens any idea?

  10. Why doesn't anyone show how to configure the time shift in settings to be able to work on emulator. It's very frustrating. My service says it works but I don't know how to configure it in settings.

  11. Thanks. I figured it out. If provider doesn't offer time shift IT doesn't show up in settings. Thank you. What are your kodi builds like?I am using one off area wizard that is decent. Just wondering what yours are like

  12. HI , I wanted to ask that I have been purchased and subscribed with 2 iptv ( MyTv iptv & perfect iptv) and I am using both on Stb pro emulator but my problem with Stb pro when I close it or switch between 2 iptv sometimes when I open Stb all the tv channels in tv option will not loaded it will be empty then I need to restart my device or restart Stb even reinstall Stb again ( I am using Nvidia shield) what I need is when I open stb I will see the channels list in tv option. One more thing you think perfect iptv player is better for me or I stay with Stb and can I use 2 iptv severs in one perfect iptv player.,, thanks

  13. Supreme Builds
    I sure hope you will be willing to make us another video when the new Limitless V2 Custom Perfect Player comes out from the Limitless team to show how to install and set up.
    Thanks for a great build and tutorials.

  14. I'm using an Nvidia Sheild also. Also getting the flickering at start up which I can live with but while I'm in the middle of watching something Perfect Player kicks me out and takes me back to the home screen… Any idea what it could be causing this?

  15. I understand the difference between the STB emulator and PP now because of your video. But do you find that one performs better than the other? Someone was saying that with STB they barely get any buffering compared to PP. Do you find that to be true? I'd prefer to stay with perfect player, but I have no problem making a change if the performance is better.

  16. i tried but the link to limitless player is no longer working so no pp.apk or pp.ppbck available there. The PP i got from Google Play is not the same so I could not test it. Where else can I get those two files you downloaded?


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