Assalamu Alaikum, I am Mohammed Shahrukh. If we have Two TV but Only One Set Top Box and If we want to Connect both Tv from that One Box Then This Trick is for You First of All Look at the Back of Set Up Box There are two usable Ports White and Yellow Take Them Out i.

e. Video Out and Audio Out White one is Audio Out Port Yellow One is Video Out With both Ports, Tv receives Audio and Video But from here we can Only Connect One TV Then, Lets See How to Connect two TVs First of All You should know that White one is Known as Male Connector And the hole where we connect it is Known as Female Connector So we basically required a Splitter We need these Splitters These are “Female Splitters” In front you got One Male Port and then on Back Two Female Ports And We Need two of Them {2 Splitter} Now insert One Splitter in Audio Out White Colored Port And then Other Splitter in Video Out Yellow Colored Port Now after that you got two ports, each so you can connect two TVs with it Just Connect One TV into One Ports of Each Splitter Yellow Port in the Yellow one, and White port in the white one in the remaining ports, insert second tvs plug Then you easily watch two tvs with one set top box but you need to know that Advantage is You don’t need another set top box for another tv You will also save some money but But disadvantage is, You only have one set top box and one remote so So you will have two Watch “SAME CHANNEL” in both the TVs If you change channel, both TV channel will be changed So its good if you want Same channel in both TVs Watch My Both The TVs, One in Guest Room another in Dining Lets connect this TV too with Set top box This is the wire for this tv These are AV Cable ports AV cable means, Audio Video Cable Ports Connecting Yellow and White in two remaining ports of Splitter Now We are set up with two TVs in one set top box If you want you can plug splitter over splitter to connect more than two tvs But all the TVs will have same Channel, same content, same set top box control But you will need to spend more and more on splitters 🙂 Lets test it out 🙂 Switching ON Turned On Set top Box Turning On TV Here is the Remote.


Source : Youtube

Part 1 – How to get back Playstore icon on Unifi Hypptv STB for Huawei Model EC6108V8 by performing android recovery. Please do drop me a line if you have any question on this.


  1. Hi, I have done upgrade process at last. Now problem facing to install apps to STB box from play store. One app I have downloaded for my local TV channels but after that no any apps can download now. Once press INSTALL just showing download pending……………… its long time showing but no progress………Is it any problem created by TM!!??

  2. hi, friend.

    why i cant update with playstore ?
    because i follow your steps and have off my wifi conection but after booted dont see playstore.
    please guide me through.

  3. Hi, morning.
    I have followed your instructions but fail,
    Firstly I disconnected Wi-Fi n lans cable then on the power of box and keep tapping the red button until pop up with screen saying the password, then I entered 304830 then press Apply update from backup then go to update. Zip enter ,after loading it will back to original without playstore icon…..
    Fill bad…..

  4. I have tried to press the red button continuously after the switch of hypp tv box but its again coming the on/off option and i am not reaching to setup option…
    Please advise on this


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