Pros N Cons discuss the real threat that direct tv, dish network and cable companies face when dealing with illegal iptv services like stalker, mach tv plus, reboot, dexter and many others.

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  1. Great discussion, one small factoid. MetroPCS is owned by T-Mobile, but your argument is essentially correct about the low cost carriers and competition changing the costs in the phone industry. I am a Kodi user, and have Netflix, Amazon, and Playstation Vue. Playstation Vue (the band I have ) is $30 and runs very well on a FireTV stick, has the sports channels I want, (Spike, FS1, FS2). I don't have to pay for cable boxes, taxes, and unknown service fees. I'm, lucky, because I live in an area where Verizon and Comcast compete, so I can get data only service at a very reasonable price. Others, like my friends in Baltimore, MD., suffer from a monopoly in high speed data, and they are all but forced to buy a package. There's no law against it, but it's as wrong as watching content you haven't paid for.

  2. let them go bankrupt, they have been bankrupting me for years. I pay for internet, and sling tv and use kodi for movies and I pay less than $50 a month. I just dumped dish network who was charging for non hd local and stations I didn't want because they mix them to where you have to buy needless packages at over $150 p/month not including internet. pay back is a bitch.

  3. You dudes are good, keep me posted, sure would like the cable company take note and stop jacking up the Bill, doesn't make since to pay so much and more just to watch TV, kinda make you feel we should go back to rabbit ears. However TV is for everybody, late for the tricks just to keep talking your money, and the worst thing through the years, BUNDLES, nobody want to pay for a lot of stuff they really don't want or need.?keep me posted.

  4. LISTEN UP FOLKS, IT NOT ILLEGAL!!!! have you noticed that every-time you look for this stuff to tell you its illegal nothing never pops up from the government but for people like these guys

  5. hey guys
    I love the topics. What do you think about Internet providers, such as Comcast or Verizon. How do you think that would go when everyone is streaming. Do you see it being capped like cellphone industry?

    thanks again

  6. Maybe it should, for years cable & satellite have sold us programming that cost them, mere pennies on the dollar, or even free for local broadcast channels, Then they inject & resell the commercial space of their own choosing, for an even greater profit as well as charging us for the signals. From time to time you catch an advertisement for some local company from way outside your viewing area, yea, point is they get paid from both ends of the horse. Local broadcast TV is still Free, and they make their money off the ads they sell to local businesses, same with the national broadcasters to national retailers and product providers.
    Now cable injects their ads and sells that signal to the same local market, steeling revenue from the local OTA broadcaster. Cable or satellite is same same, there is still no competition, in this closed broadcast market, although satellite swore to congress, they would be direct competition to cable, and lower prices to consumers. Well, cable and satellite are now both interim technology, who's time has come and gone, it's time to allow them to pass, Cable will survive supplying overpriced internet access to consumers, satellite will have to catch up to do this as well. R.I.P. cable, long live IPTV.

  7. I wouldn't go that far saying cable company's will go bankrupt because of IPTV services.

    it's a great alternative, but it's not reliable enough for me to cut my cable. therefore I don't think it's there yet.

  8. Cable companies have had it made for a long time. They configure their channel line up to force packages on you when you only want 1 channel out of the package. Then they screw you with the rental fee of the box. I think internet TV is the future competition to cable and satellite tv. This will allow for hundreds of IPTV companies competing for customers with the internet being the common method to provide the service. They have a long way to go before they let you pick exactly the channels you want for that $20 per month. I have hundreds of channels and only watch about 8-10 but because they are part of different packages they screw you into buying the package to get that one channel.

    If fiber could be run from house to house hundreds of providers could be offered on the fiber forcing prices to drop.
    The only thing that worries me is since the cable company in most cases owns the cable that provides the internet whats stopping them from constantly jacking up the cost of internet until your paying the same bill you paid when TV was included.
    The cable needs to be just like the telephone. Many providers having access to the same phone line. Or, a new WIreless very broadband carrier offering multiple providers to access. Years back I can remember a few regular over the air channels scarmbling their signals and offering the program at a cost. I thought satellite was going to be the answer but with only 2 providers there is no competition.

  9. where do you think unlicensed iptv streams come from? I'd venture to say most are from directv. Directv has a long history of protecting their IP. Suing end users who bought smart card programmers. Going after small businesses for not paying business rates. They'll be the ones that take down these smaller unlicensed IPTV providers Being on the received end of this before it wouldn't surprise me if they obtained customers lists during take downs and started sending demand letters. Just one of those things you should be thinking about before paying subscription fees, and buying loaded boxes with these "premium" iptv services.

  10. soloman c band thats the way to go far superior quality i useto have it and the quality of sd is hd and oboy you should see hd in cband and the best part its free legally free it comes from the source it self

  11. I believe karma is a bitch and them greedy bastards will get what's coming! They should reevaluate there company and allow the consumer to dictate how the services should be handled. Would it hurt to take surveys from the public about how much to charge and what's acceptable for television entertainment?

  12. I dont feel bad one bit only thing that has changed is we have a choice what we wanna watch noe we finally have control instead of being dish served there same movie every nite and old crap movies

  13. When the feds go after just 1 of these groups selling the illegal tv the others will run in fear….They dont have to take them all down, just one and fine and jail the sellers and thats that…


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