Watch iptv live television from usa, uk, canada and around the world with this new apk for android phones, tablets, android boxes, fire tv sticks, nvidia shields, etc.

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  1. Hi ask a question, I have a android box that does' have BBC iPlayer app. If I search directly from google play it is not compatible with remote control ( basically you can't play it). Without using kodi do you have an idea to download a BBC iPlayer app that compatible with tv box and remote control? Thanks

  2. Thanks so much Solo Man…I'm in the process of trying an Android TV box. You're video was very informative and helped a lot…newly subscribed and now a dedicated watcher….thanks again!!!

  3. I have downloaded several APK's on my android box thanks to you. After several have been added and show up on the home screen, there doesn't seem to be enough boxes to show all the apk's. then  I have to go to app installer and reinstall again. Is there a way to increase the number of boxes under my apps in homescreen?

  4. iv got a m8s box old one 4.4.2 model since using virgin media for my Internet iv had nothing but problem's I dont no weather it's my box or virgin media it will say no server no parse error carnt install or stream or download or open add ons iv tride all the different ways iv deleted kodi jarva 16.1 all I can get is Megabox HD cartoon HD and utube goggle and chrome work playstore some apps work I try downloading kodi it will say my box isant capable ov downloading kodi 17.1 the only way I can get jarva bk is by reseting my box but I still have the same problem isit my box or my Internet service?

  5. You are a legend my friend. I have Philips 50put 6400 series android TV and until joining your channel I never had a clue what to do. I have now managed to install this and droid buddy, along with ES file explorer, drop box etc. thanks to you I'm leaning.

  6. Won't install & what's with creating a account with ace stream engine ? This APK or any APK asking 2 create an account is fishy, in honesty I think you're trying 2 help people out (2nd time tried installing a apk from ur videos & twice struck out(1st was droid buddy no apps)) it could be here today gone tomorrow ! No reply needed!

  7. i am looking for t.v channeles around the world for my computer. I have a line that go's from my computer to see on my t.v. So i need to have channels for my computer around the world.

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  9. Don't know if I did something wrong, but it would not let me use mx player. To change from es media player to any other player as default you have to purchase full version. The few channels I could get to play with es media player (I'm assuming it is a codec support issue) only had audio and all in languages foreign to me. It seemed to work fine for you solo man, but it was a waste of time for me. But I still appreciate all your efforts to help cable cutters (or in my case, cable can't afforder).


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