In this video review, I take a look at a great budget cable cutting solution called the MAG254 IPTV Set Top Box from Infomir.

Infomir –

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  1. I have watched a hundred videos on this box and can't seem to find out what I need to know. can this box pause live TV and rewind??? and fast forward?? and does it have Regular looking guide? and does it support epg? I subcribe to Vader streams and they use epg for guide. if Vader streams does not work with this, who do u recommend?? please please please let me know if u can help with this

  2. Glitch!! Thanks for the great video. gonna be uograding to a Mag now! while I'm here, I need a little advice. I know you get your service via Microfuse. can you suggest one? I'm in Sudbury, so I'd like a package with north American channels. none have a link to a channel list.
    I wouldn't be asking, but my current provider isnt very dependable as it turns out. almost every morning when I go to watch tv I get an Authentication Error. so each morning, I have to email them, wait 3 or 4 hours for thier reply with a new MAC…then usually 2 days later, sometimes the next day I do it all over again.
    Please! Guru! Advice please! lol

  3. Hi GL1TCHGURU i have a Mag 256 running perfectly, however a i have a problem and i don´t know i to change it. It´s basically the screen adjustment,on minute 13.40 of your video in the portal menu with the channel´s we have on the left side 2 arrows with the word BACK and on the right side 2 arrows with the word TV GUIDE. So my problem is i can not see them like they are in your video, my screen is to strecht because they are cut in half, it´s like my screen is to big and i need to reduce a little bit and i don´t know to do it, i´ve tried everything. Could you please help me with that?

  4. Why does my menu and everything look different then yours? Mine looks very old fashioned and yours looks modern. I also have a iptv 254

  5. Hey glitchguru I've been looking at getting one of these boxes.

    What I am asking is it possible to get boxnation for boxing events ?

    And is sky box office boxing events available to watch on this box
    For example mayweather v mcgregor ?
    And does the fight lag and miss punches ? Or is it sweet with no lags


  6. Great video! I keep receiving a page loading error. I have my Ethernet cable plugged into the box and keep loosing my IP address and internet connection on the box. Any thoughts why?

  7. Hi, I need help, I am trying to find a TV box that has all of the TV channels such as sports,news & kids etc. As I am new to this whole new thing can someone please help me out and recommend me a seller or a box that matches my needs. The box should also record,pause,rewind and forward it should also have a 7day EPG guide. I have currently got a BT youview box. Any help will be highly appreciated, thanks.


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